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Care Instructions for these Tree Skirts

Jute (Burlap) Care & Love

Awww jute, the teenager of textiles. It’s loaded with personality, holds all kinds of promise but is a bit rough around the edges, and yes, is prone to sporting more than its fair share of blemishes. But still, it captures my heart!

And just as teenagers are not fond of taking instructions well, jute is a natural fiber that does not like to take dye well. Burlap is not colorfast. This means it will fade over time in bright light. It also means that if it gets wet and is allowed to sit, the dye could bleed onto porous surfaces it has extended contact with. Hence, I will only make my table linens out of my cream or chestnut jute. I have not been able to force any bleeding from the cream or chestnut burlap, but just to be safe, please do not leave it sitting damp on any porous surfaces for hours on end.

Care: Jute/Burlap is not machine washable. I recommend spot cleaning and if necessary, gently hand-washing, and air dry flat or hang from a skirt hanger. It will hold up well to a hot iron and steam. Just do NOT let the hot iron touch any chalk cloth.

What else you need know?


Most orders ship via US Post Office.

All Christmas stockings and tree skirts can at times require up 2 weeks to ship.

I try to keep the bottle bags, party sacks, and banners in stock for immediate shipping, but at times there could be a bit of a delay as well. If they are needed by a particular date, please be sure to let me know of your “Need By” date when you check out.

Add-On Christmas Stockings for Growing Families begin shipping Sept. 1. If there is some reason you need yours before then, just let me know.

All orders shipped to a locale that collects sales tax, that sales tax will be calculated and collected at checkout.


Your satisfaction is extremely important to me.

If you need to cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours. If you cancel your order after it has shipped, you will be responsible for the shipping expense incurred.

I typically do not accept returns unless there was a mistake made at our end. Then it will be rectified immediately.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please email me within 3 days of receipt.
I am confident we will be able to take care of any concerns.


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