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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

Are you like me? Do you love to people watch with curiosity and wonder?

Sidewalks in busy pedestrian areas have to be my favorite people watching spots.

It can be one of the blocked off street sections in NYC where the bustlers pass through between the amblers and the loungers.

It can be a sidewalk restaurant that has been on a street corner forever or sprung up during the pandemic and has remained (one of the positives to come out of that whole health and societal shake up).

Another favorite is any airport.

I wonder about individuals, families, groups. Where they are heading and why?

And then there’s baggage claim! As bags come down the chute onto the carousel, I often play a game of matching a bag to a waiting person or party.

You too? Or do you just think I’m crazy?

Well, you may have pegged me as an “airport crazy” last Thursday.

suitcase with long short box wrapped in packing tape next to it in line at the airport

I was returning home from a visit with our kids, Katie and Jon (and Little Squirt who’s brining in Katie’s belly). We did a lot of planning for my return visit next month to do a Powder Room Reno.

Katie picked out the wood she wanted for the walls and the simple vanity this visit.

I’m planning on completing the reno in one week!!! So that means prep work. I needed to bring the lumber home for the vanity top so I can construct it and get the finishing done ahead. We had Lowe’s cut it in three sections slightly larger than the final measurements. Which of course was slightly larger than our largest suitcase.

Fortunately, their neighbors had thrown out a TV box — SCORE!

On the Blog This Week

The above mentioned party and visit in DC is the reason The Weekender s coming to you on Sunday instead of the usual Saturday.

Two faux terra cotta bunnies are spread a bit apart and are holding a place card with a name above a field of tulips sketched in black

Adorable Faux Terra Cotta Bunnies

Can you believe these started at the Dollar Tree?

No way, right? Of, but I promise they did!

And you might have everything else you need already on hand.

And Free Printable, Editable Printable Name Tags

Or you can use them for gift tags.

Or maybe for a Spring sign in a tiered tray.

There are two styles and I share how to add bits of color using the simplest method ever!

finished pair of faux terra cotta bunnies attached at the hip are holding a place card with painted tulips

Do you have a Go-To Special Dress?

I didn’t know I needed one! Or how much simpler life is with one!!!

I bought my Mother of the Bride dress several years ago. It was a casual wedding, but I still wanted a festive, but not fancy, formal dress! I knew I wanted it floor length because it was a small Covid wedding in the mountains of NC in November — and Katie wanted an outdoor wedding. (I was prepared to wear long johns underneath if need be).

What has surprised me is how often I have called this dress into service. It has transitioned to a wedding guest dress, to charity galas, to a conference garden party and more.

It’s super comfortable, packs really easily, and gets compliments every time!!! What more could we ask?

This particular dress is no longer available, but I shared a number of similar dresses I found all very well priced — some are even on sale right now.

Here’s a super short montage of several of the different occasions I’ve worn this dress and the selection of dresses inspired by it.

Coming Next Week:

We have a Container Gardening post with the Pinterest Challenge.

Do you struggle with paint colors?

Then you need my friend, Amy Sadler!!!

She is amazing. I’m comfortable with color theory, but Amy, she takes it to a whole new level. It’s just how her brain works!!!

She’s like a color savant (and a delightful person).

And you want her in your corner!!!!

Amy has started a new Instagram account: Paint Made Simple. She has 52K+ followers in about 5 weeks!

That tells you how good she is! Her IG account is like a Masters class in color and paint!

a pile of a gilded frame and two cabinet doors, a piece of leather and a swatch of fabric with three different color paint swipes to bring them all together

Easter decor tray on a kitchen counter featuring two plastic bunnies painted to look like chocolate bunnies

The amazing Do Dodson did it again!!!

I love her style and knack at elevated crafts!

Aren’t these faux chocolate bunnies the best?

Jump over to her post to see how she does it.

Spring and eggs just go hand in hand!

And I love having a deviled egg in hand.

Especially when they have a little something extra to them — like these from Michelle at Thistle Key Lane.

Talk about a flavor boost! These eggs have brought it three ways!

closeup of a row of deviled eggs with bacon on top and a dot of siracha sauce

view of a small porch with a stone walll surrounding a black front door with white sidelights and a black bench with pillows

One of the first things I want to do come warmer weather is freshen our outdoor spaces, starting with the front.

AnnMarie, half of the Simply 2 Moms dynamos shared simple and budget friendly ways to spruce up a small-ish front porch.

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

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  1. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

    You are so sweet Diane! Thank you so much for the share this week! Can’t wait to click over to read these other posts! 😊

  2. Do Dodson

    Hi Diane!
    Wonderful post! I love seeing all the wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for sharing y little chocolate bunnies. I laughed the other day when my Granddaughter grabbed one to take a bite out of it. 🤣 Fun stuff.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter. 🐇 xo, Do

    • Diane

      It is a joy to share you and your projects with my followers. They deserve the best — and that includes you!!!


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