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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

That some of the best everyday hacks

are really throwbacks from our Grandmothers!

And today, I just have to share one that I had forgotten all about until I needed a way to very gently water the seeds that I had planted in a long centerpiece box.

Misting would not get enough water to the seeds. Pouring water can be too aggressive — not to mention controlling exactly where the water goes. I didn’t want water stains on the sweet chest it’s resting on in our only West facing window.

I remember being fascinated by the glass bottle with a perforated silver metal screw on cap that she used when ironing. Did your Grandma have one too?

Here’s my modern day hack of Grandma’s ironing bottle. A clean Diet Coke bottle with a cap. I perforated the cap with a thin nail in 6 evenly-ish spaced places. Thrilled with how simple it was and how well it worked!

What wonderful ways did you pick up from your Grandma? Old sage advice? Old Wives Tales? PLEASE share with me. I may just put together a whole list for us all! What do you think? Would you enjoy that?

On the Blog This Week

This the main reason this House Party is coming out a day early

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Shopping With LTK

If you have been curious about LTK. I wanted you to have access to the Beginner’s Guide and get signed up so you can take advantage of the Big Spring Sale that started this morning.

The participating brands are a % off sitewide. Such as Tarte Cosmetics (my favorite) is 30% off plus free shipping. All the sale details are at the bottom of this post

If You Are a Visual Learner

And some people prefer learning via video.

No worries! I’ve got ya covered!

You Tube Video cover with a youtube play button

Coming Next Week:

A variety of crafting supplies including spells of ribbon and wreath forms and faux tulips and carrots under the Hand Crafted Society logo

Next Tuesday is the second Tuesday of the month which means it’s the monthly gathering of the

Handcrafted Society

Can you guess what our common theme is?

And I have an amazing table setting to share with you!

Sharing From Around the Web

Are You a Lazy Gardener, too?

Kelly of The Tattered Pew has been working hard on an amazing course and new instagram called Lazy Girls Garden Club

She is 100% all in on zinnias. Her class will be growing them by seed and she is sharing way more than I ever knew there was regarding zinnias.

Kelly is a delight. Check out her course and see if it’s right for you.

Cut zinnias in a basket

closeup of the finish coming off of an old painted charge beneath the title: Paint Strippers for Furniture Makeover

Paint Stripper Guide

I know, I shared Cindy’s reupholstery guide recently. But this Guide to Paint Strippers for Furniture Makeovers is just too good not to share with you.

I know I’ve been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to be able to get outside with some larger projects I’ve been dreaming about.

You, too? Well, I hope you’ll find the answers to all your furniture stripping questions.

Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

Kelly of Live, Laugh Rowe has such a well-written, genuine post about gratitude.

And she included a printable to aid in this exercise.

Perfect for this season on warm, growing sunshine!

Do you practice gratitude? I know when I do, everything just “works” so much better.

Thanks for this reminder Kelly!

Gratitude activity shown half a sun with rays being filled with handwritten things we're grateful for

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I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

Don’t Forget to Send me Tips From Days Gone By

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

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  1. Kim

    After my father-in-law died (my mother-in-law having preceded him), we had the task of clearing out their house. One of the items that came home with me was an old, green, 6 oz Coke bottle with a silver sprinkle top attached. I remember my mother-in-law always having it close at hand when she was ironing. A very useful and handy “tool”. I wonder if anyone still makes the silver sprinkle tops? Your DIY version was a smart adaptation of the original. Kudos!


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