A great before & after of a dining hallway turned into an inviting functional and stylish dining room kitchen extension.   Upholstered banquette seating + beverage serving station + Plate and mug rack.

Good Before & After Stories  start with a sad "Before".

Our Dining Hall

The footprint had to stay the same. A wide hallway between family room and kitchen.


Started with vertical ship lap as the backdrop for the plate and mug rack on the kitchen end.

To increase seating, we built a banquette. To make it comfy we built it ergonomically, 

For even more comfiness, I made a thick cushion seat and a padded backrest.

Added a cabinet on the family room side for the  Beverage Serving Station

Repeated the framed shiplap for this tot hold narrow shelves for glassware

Painted it all white, matching the kitchen cabinetry.

We installed painted shelves with hardware for the glassware.

Plus more painted shelves for the plates and  gorgeous hooks for the mugs.

Lastly, a new long expanding trestle table so we can seat up to twelve.

Don't skip the details: plush area rug, fabulous hardware, throw pillows.

Perfect for meals! But also game nights.

We've never undertaken a project this size! Once we broke it down into smaller bites, it was very doable!!! Click below for all the details

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