Blah Basket Blues?

Is your straw bag feeling a bit, well, boring?  Transform it into a summer showstopper!

 Easy Beginner Embroidery

Don't worry!  We use beginner-friendly stitches anyone can learn.

Straw Bag or Basket Embroidery Floss Needles Scissors Fabric Pen

Get Prepped to Bloom

Feeling creative? Sketch your own blooms or find free patterns online. The possibilities are endless!

Design Your Floral Fantasy!

Time to get stitching! I'll walk you through basic stitches like the lazy daisy and french knot, perfect for creating beautiful flowers.

Stitching  (The Fun Part!)

Let Your  Creativity Blossom!

Don't be afraid to experiment! Mix and match colors, stitches, and flower shapes to create a design that reflects your unique style.

Show Off Your Blooming Beauty!

Your embroidered straw bag is the perfect summer accessory, guaranteed to turn heads.

Ready to Bloom Your Own Bag?

Head over to our blog for the full tutorial and get ready to create your own blooming masterpiece!

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