Mashed Cauliflower and thought  mweh? Me too! But wait till you try these!!! They are truly Crave-Worthy!

Have You Tried

It's a more flavorful replacement for other creamy side dishes like: Mashed potatoes, rice or even pasta.

Why Mashed Cauliflower?

Compared with potatoes, the nutrition numbers are amazing.

That Glycemic Index -- no blood sugar spikes

Perhaps more important, they taste amazing! And are easy to make and to customize.

1) Steam the cauliflower 2) Saute garlic in butter 3) Process in blender or food processor

4) Transfer to skillet 5) Add Cream Cheese and Parmesan Cheese 6) Stir, melt, incorporate

If you prefer video, we've got ya covered!

In less than 3 minutes

Detailed, printable recipe is on the blog post,  Includes suggestions:  Serving, additions and garnishes

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