Every Year!

I dream of setting a stylish table but reality hits: There's NO room for a centerpiece with all the food and dishes!

THIS Year!

The centerpiece I was dreaming of is  ABOVE the table, instead of ON the table.


I'm using the mantel and fireplace.  You may have a wall over a buffet or sideboard in your dining room.

Looks Difficult?

NO!  It's so Easy!!!

No Florist pins No glue No Florist wire No floral tape No foam or oasis


Mine Was FREE!

All the materials are foraged. The supplies are so simple I had them on hand.

Fill a chicken wire tube with ornamental grass, up to your focal point.

I added dried hydrangeas and magnolia leaves as my focal point. Suggested alternatives are listed in blog post.

Dried grasses and flowers will last for several years.

And Lasts and Lasts

Will It Last?

Do You Enjoy

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