Super Close Image of Centerpiece with Rose Gold Decor Accents

Stunning Yet Simple Winter Tablescape

With Rose Gold Decor

Simply stunning winter tablescape with Rose Gold decor accents and a bit of brass. Brings a touch of warmth when it’s cold outside.

There’s no doubt about it, snow is beautiful!

Some of us don’t care for the cold and the sometimes grey skies and the dirty slush that follows.

But if we can stay focused on just the snow part, can we all agree it is simply beautiful?

Closeup of placesetting with wrong alignment the flourish is not centered

So when I set a special table in the Winter, I like to pay homage to the beauty of snow. I’m sure to include frosted and flocked greens and pinecones. I might even flock some bulbs too. Here’s my favorite way to add snow to just about anything.

Super closeup of

Typically, I combine silver candlesticks with all the white of the snow. But this year? This year I felt the need for some warmth. Plus I had spied these gorgeous “sugared” rose gold bulbs at Hobby Lobby. They made their way home with me in late October to be part of a wreath I was/am planning. Somehow the holidays ran away with me and that lovely wreath is still waiting in the wings.

But my rose gold bulbs? Time for your debut, my pretties!

When I’m putting together a table, I usually start by deciding on the dishes.

I knew I wanted my Winter tablescape to also tilt a nod towards Valentine’s Day. So my soft blush plates were a must. When I brought in the rose gold bulbs I realized my Barrymore salad plates worked with the blush dinner plates. A combination I had never used before.

The gold on the rims had me reaching for my old faithful brass napkin rings.

Candlelit scene of a white linen tablecloth with linen table runners criss crossing in the center of the centerpiece arrangement with rose gold decor and each place setting has a blush dinner plate with an ornate salad plate with a white napkin folded as a bow with a brass napkin ring

And for table linens, of course I went with a variety of washed linens. They look, and are, so effortless! None of these were pressed. I love the relaxed elegance of slightly rumpled linen. So I used my white linen oval tablecloth as the base with two of my wide washed linen runners with their signature “aged edging”, And large cotton and linen white napkins as the final touch.

These slightly rumpled linens hit just the right note to prevent my beautiful and festive tables from becoming too stiff and formal. Plus they are real chameleons, perfectly complementing a myriad of styles and colors.

Decisions Made! Let’s Style with Subtle Valentine Table Decorations

A candle ring of willow branches with flocked fir branches and pinecones and three rose gold bulbs on wire picks
The backside of the candle ring, showing the structure of the willow branches
The candle ring centerpiece with two. of the rose gold frosted bulbs added and the branches bent to make two clearing around the ring

On the white linen base, I started with the wonderful candle ring that splays out on opposite ends with pinecones and evergreen branches with a generous dusting of snow. Here’s the front and back of this one I found at Hobby Lobby.

I like to use table runners as an accent, a way to add more texture, layer and interest to my table styling. But rarely do I lay them flat.

Here I’m using the candle ring as the center point of my table runners that will cross the table diagonally. To do this, I bent a couple of branches to form openings opposite each other to allow space for the table runners.

I added my rose gold accent bulbs now since they were wired. If you are adding accents that are loose, just wait until you add the candlesticks, to also add your accents.

The candle ring with the end of one linen runner starting to be pulled through the top opening
Linen Tble runner through centerpiece ring on the upper side
View of the centerpiece with the bottom runner now in view

With the first runner, working from the left, I brought half of it over the ring opening (1st picture) then under the greenery (2nd picture).

With the second runner, again working from the left, this runner does the opposite. Half of the runner goes under the greenery and then over the cleared ring (3rd picture and first picture below).

Closeup of the candle ring with the two runners in position, weaving under and over the clearings along the ring
the full length of the centerpiece in view with the two table runners criss crossing at the candle ring opening and laying down the length of the table diagonally
The full centerpiece and runners in view with three brass candlesticks now added with three white candles

Lay out the lengths of your runners as you like them. I prefer mine to have layers and texture in the center of the table. This brings depth and interest to the center without height that will interfere with lively conversation.

These runners are a gorgeous washed linen with a lush texture, but they are thin, so plates that are half on/half off don’t teeter back and forth.

Then I added my mismatched brass candlesticks — three of them


Rose Gold Table Decor is Set, Now For the Place Settings

Because of the runners, I did not use placemats or chargers for this table setting.

Closeup of placesetting with the design centered correctly

This means, dinner plates go down first — my pale blush plates.

Next I layered on the Barrymore salad plates. (fun fact: This was our wedding registry china.)

Along with mixing up the china, I decided to mix up the glassware, too. Simple water glasses with the more formal wine glasses (from my sweet MIL’s collection).

The Final Linens – Those Irresistible Bow Napkins!

Aren’t they the cutest? But not in a tween’s cute kind of way.

And these may just be the easiest napkin folding when you are using napkin rings.

I’ll have a reel up shortly, so be sure to check back tomorrow for that one.

Closeup of placesetting with wrong alignment the flourish is not centered
Closeup of placesetting with the design centered correctly


It’s a small detail for sure. But I like to check the alignment of any designs on the china I’m using, especially when I have something like a placecard or folded napkin on the plate to bring your eye to it.

Do you see how in the picture on the left, one of the main opening buds or flourishes is off to the side? In the picture on the right the flourishes are centered above and below the napkin ring, the center of the napkin bow.

I know, I know! What can I say? I find those little details like that distracting. (Feel free to send help my way.)

I get it! You’re not hosting a dinner until next month.

No problem. Just be sure to pin this on your Dinner Party Board

or your

Entertaining Board

or your

Table Setting Board

or your

Centerpiece Board

or whatever board makes sense to you so you can find it again.

Pin with a picture of the daylit placesetting with a title reading How to Set a Picture-Worthy Winter Tablescape

Washed Linen Wide Table Runners

Two wide Washed Linen Table Runners draped over a vintage Garden Chair in front of a stacked stone wall with ferns and ground covering

This washed linen table runner is sure to become your Go-To table runner. 

She transcends all seasons. She plays nice with everyone — farmhouse, to modern minimalism, from pumpkins to blue & white porcelain, from harvest table center runner to cross table placesettings. All the while she’s charming and rustic and earthy and modern. Now that’s flexible. The perfect sidekick when entertaining ad decorating!

Washed Linen Skinny Table Runners

Two Skinny Washed Linen Runners with fringed ends draped over a vintage shutter with plants growing up behind

Why Skinny?

For all those times when you have wanted to add texture, layer, warmth to your tablescape without interfering with the placesettings.

For all those times you’ve wanted to add a touch of textile to a mantel, or a coffee table vignette or the narrow hall table, or so many other places. The skinny runner is your answer — it has presence, but stays out of the way.

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying a beautiful snowy scene from inside.

Thanks so very much for being here with me today!

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Kim

    Beautiful table setting! I love the way you styled the napkins!

    • Diane

      Thanks Kim! I really appreciate you dropping to say so. Have a great weekend!

  2. Donna Allen

    Your table is gorgeous! I love all the blush pink accents and your china is just perfect for this table! Happy Valentine’s Day! Donna

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Donna! So kind of you to say. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know!

  3. Lynne Zemaitis

    Such a beautiful table! This is so elegant and is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! We appreciate you linking up!

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Lynne! Congrats on the new hosting role at Turnabout Tuesday! And I know first hand what a delight Cindy is to work with!!! You three make a great team!

  4. Rachel

    Such a beautiful table! I love how you intertwined the linens with the centerpiece. Those bow napkins are just adorable as well. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined today…I so appreciate it!!

  5. Debra@CommonGround

    Hi Diane, your tablescape is so beautiful. The blush pink and gold look amazing together!! Thanks so much for joining in at All About Home, I’m featuring this post this evening at the party.
    p.s. I love Nell Hills style, but I’ve never made it up to the store. We live in Springfield and it’s been too long since I’ve been to KC. I’ll have to get my husband interested in a trip up this summer!

  6. Amber Ferguson

    Such a beautiful tablescape! I am happy to feature you this week at the All About Home Link party. Thanks for partying with us!

  7. Decorative Inspirations

    Diane, This table came out so beautiful! I love the blush pink, gold and pine. I am excited to feature you this week at the Home Imagined Link party on Tuesday. Congrats! See you there.

    • Diane

      Ohh you are so kind!!! Thanks bunches. I truly appreciate the feature.

  8. Maria

    Diane, this table scape is absolutely lovely. The napkin bows have to be my favorite. Fun and elegant.



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