Super closeup of Earth Day Tablesetting with iron garden sculpture, and ferns and lavender in terracotta pots

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And on the SHOP side, Christmas stockings are the focus. But you must check out the new Christmas tree skirts!!!

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stocking the pantryStocking the Pantry has evolved over the years. It started in 2010, when my Christmas stockings started to become “a thing”. I decided they needed to give goodness as well as goodies. Each stocking = $2.50 donated to feed the hungry via our local Feed America food pantry.

Stocking The Pantry 2021:  $6896 = 20,688 Meals    

To Date: Just over 172,000 Meals

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I think; therefore I am.

Descartes, 1637

I think creatively; therefore I am joyful.

Diane, Today

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