How Do I Order Your Awesome Goodies?

Just hop right over to my shop, South House Boutique. Explore! Dig through the different sections and of course feel free to load up your cart.

What if I’m new to Etsy?

Then I say a big, fat “Welcome!” It’s a great place to hang out and it is never too late to join the fun! I encourage you to register – yes, definitely free and painless! Here’s a brief tutorial if you would prefer a bit of hand-holding until you have your confidence up.

What Should I Know About Ordering Your Stockings?


Each grouping has its own listings (6 groupings = 6 listings) rather than 41 listings (41 stockings). However you will order your stockings individually. When you are ready to order from a grouping, keep the quantity at 1, select which fabric combination you want from the drop down menu. Please note that the quantity is for that one fabric combination NOT for your total number of stockings. So if you want 5 different stockings, do NOT put 5 in as your quantity, specify 1 and one fabric combination, click “Add to Cart”, then “Keep Shopping”, then another 1 and your second fabric combination choice and so on.

Fewer listings means less for you to wade through to find the combination of stockings you want; it also means less pictures. So for one stop perusal of All my stockings, you can jump over to my website Christmas Stocking Round-up – and from there you can jump back to Etsy to purchase.

Of course feel free to pick and choose between groupings to build your own special set. There are no rules here.


And how about those name tags? Oh, be still my heart! From the beginning, customers have been asking about personalizing my stockings. The amazingly gifted Jane Dolan is back for a 4th year. Jane has samples of all of my fabrics and has designed tags specifically for them. Hop on over to her shop and pick out the name tags you want for my stockings – or any other needs. And this year, Jane added dog-bone name tags for our fur babies. Woof! Woof!


As best I can, orders ship in the order they are placed.

Historically, as we get further into the season, the lead time will slip significantly. I will adjust the projected “processing time”, so please check the bold “Ready to Ship In …” announcement right above the shipping charges at the top of this page.

Yes, historically my stockings sell out. Last year, Vanilla & Cream was the first, and was sold out at the beginning of November. I had to cut off ALL stocking orders before December for stockings to be received by Christmas – and some of those arrived very close to the big day.

Please do not wait!


“Stocking the Pantry” Drive:
2016 will be the 7th year that my stockings will be both for receiving goodies and for giving good as well.

You can read the full disclosure and past success of “Stocking the Pantry” on my website.

I will again be donating $2.50 from every stocking ordered by Dec. 31. Part of my New Year’s celebration is to total up all the sales and write the check. Proudly, over the last 6 years, Stocking the Pantry has contributed over $10,000 to feeding the hungry. That’s over 40,000 meals!

My theory: a dollar or two will not significantly impact my life or my customers, but if we pool all those “insignificant” dollars, we can truly make a positive impact on lives all around us. I hope you’ll join me in Stocking the Pantry, via South House Stockings.


I grew up with left-pointing toes on our stockings. It’s what I knew, so it’s where I started. I’ve made 25,000+ stockings over the last 20+ years (mail-order catalogs and large retailers, and now Etsy). I prefer to think my “muscle memory” is too developed to change; rather than my “cranial memory” is too feeble to change.

It does not seem like a big deal to switch the direction. IT IS! Because the cuffs are not symmetrical, it starts at the cutting table as they have to be cut out reversed. To keep my prices at their affordable level, I have developed a very systematic process where I am never cutting just one at a time or stitching just one of a kind. I group all the pieces based on the color of thread, the machine tension, even the needle size for maximum efficiency.

Every year I have let one customer talk me into doing a right-pointing stocking and every year it’s been torture for me. I apologize, but I just can’t. It’s not fair to the rest of the customers waiting on their orders to ship OR to my family :).


As I tell everyone who asks, I price my stockings assuming they will be purchased for the most part in groups of at least 3 and very often 6 or 7. My pricing does not allow for any discounting “cushion”. Everyone gets the same price, although you do save on shipping.

The only cushion I do build in is the previously discussed $2.50 donation per stocking.

I hope you understand. I would be honored to make you some stockings and have you join me in our “Stocking the Pantry” effort, but I totally get it if you can’t. No judgement here.

How many bag styles and sizes are there?

Currently my jute(burlap) bags with Spots-to-Jot are offered in 5 sizes – I know, try not to get confused here.

The smallest is the petite trinket bags – designed to be part party favor, part place card. They have a riveted disc for their Spot-to-Jot. And can be found in their own Party Favor Bags shop section

The rest all have the Chalk Cloth spots sewn on so they are designed to be used again and again – and in oh so many ways.

These can all be found in the Burlap Bags shop section. Sizes Include:

  • the original wine bottle bag with a round base – 3.5-inch diameter, by 11.5-inches tall
  • the newest member – champagne bottle bags – 4-inch diameter, by 12-inches tall
  • the rectangular gift bag – 8-inches tall by 6-inches wide with a 3-inch gusset (front to back)
  • the large rectangular bag – 11-inches tall by 8-inches wide with a 5-inch gusset (front to back)
  • the round bucket bag – fits a 5-gallon bucket – 12.5-inch diameter, by 22-inches tall.
Can I order the bags without the chalk cloth labels?

Sure thing. The price would drop by 60-cents per bag. Just send me a “Request Custom Order” with the sizes, quantities, etc. and I will post you a custom listing. No big deal, really! I do it all the time. “Request Custom Order”? Yep that is the preferred way for keeping all the custom order information organized. Just follow this link, it will take you to my shop, on the left side below my little picture, you’ll find the blue button.

Do you still do custom product design and manufacturing?

Yes, I still do custom product design work for large retail, corporate or philanthropic accounts. In some cases, I will also oversee material procurement and production. Contact me for inquiry.

Can I float you an idea for a new product or a change to an existing product?

Absolutely! You all are an amazing braintrust. I’d be a fool not to tap into this deep pool of ideas from the South House Posse. Some of my best selling products evolved from a simple request from one of you. Feel free to Contact me with any ideas.

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