How-to cover wire florist orbs with moss for charming centerpieces and seasonal decor. ‘Two easy ways for two different looks

Breathe new life into your home decor with the magic of moss! These DIY Moss Orbs are easy to make, inexpensive, and add a touch of whimsical charm to any space.!

Moss Orbs offer a more captivating and unique way to bring the beauty of moss to your decor.

Ditch the Bowl!

Which Moss?

Fun-loving "Hair"-y


~ More Details in Post ~

Green Spanish Moss

Rolled Moss

Your Moss-terpiece Supplies!

- orb or sphere frame - packaged moss - florist wire OR - hot glue and gun - scissors or wire snips

Start by assembling the frame.

Don't worry, it's a 2 minute task!

Orb Time



Use Florist  Wire

Use  Hot Glue

All Details in Blog Post

Let's Get Mossy!

Experiment with different sized orbs for a layered effect.

Decor Time!

Mix and match them with other decorative elements for a personalized touch..

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