The 4th of July is almost here! Add a touch of homemade charm using paper napkins.

Celebrate with  Stars & Stripes!

Paper Napkins Mod Podge White Fabric Paint Brush

What You'll Need

Gently peel apart, keeping only the top printed layer.

Separate the Napkin Layers

Tear (or Cut)  Your Flag Elements

Tear the stripes using a straight edge

Tear the excess to make it fit

 Mod Podge Magic

A thin layer of Mod Podge is it!

Wave the Patriotism!

But first you need  a flag pole!

Add to a floral greenery swag

Add to a vase or add to a potted plant

Where to Wave?

Paint a simple sky on a canvas

Glue on a flagpole. Add waving flags.

Bonus: Fabric Flag to Wall Art!

Hang on a wall or a hutch.

Or decorate some open shelving

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