Little known garden secret: You CAN dry Lambs Ear from your garden. Here's how. Use it in decorating year round.

-Soft, Fuzzy Texture -Soft Silvery Sage Color

They Keep Their:

Clip what you need any time from your garden. After a few light frosts, I harvest a LOT!


They do all the hard work. There's a couple of tricks I've discovered over time. But it's really quite easy!


Simplest - tuck some in a dry bud vase like here.

What to Do With Dried Lambs Ear?

Or Bundle  Lambs Ear

Make a  Lambs Ear Wreath

Fresh Lambs Ear Ornaments

Lambs Ear Trees

So many great ways to use fresh lambs ear in your crafts and decor.

Be sure add plenty of this charming perennial to your Spring garden plans!