Lambs Ear bundles with on plaster wall

How to Make a Dried Lambs Ear Wreath 

So yesterday, I shared a bit of a garden secret:

Lamb’s Ear — that prolific perennial garden grower — dries beautifully!!! It retains its signature soft silvery sage color and that soft fuzzy texture!

Were you surprised? I had never known this.

My delightful neighbor, Sharon, educated me last Fall.

If you missed it, get caught up here.



Two Lambs Ear Leaves on quartz counter


Aren’t those the sweetest leaves?

I actually appreciate them more inside, up close than I ever have in the garden. Maybe because the soft fluffiness is all the way down at my feet as they grow as a ground cover and the soft color gets overwhelmed by the bright show-offs of the garden. Relegated to supporting role status.

But inside, up close, the Lambs Ear is the ingenue, the new star.


Closeup of Cluster of Lambs Ear drying

What Can You Do With Lambs Ear?

Specifically, Dried Lambs Ear?


Yesterday, we talked about sprinkling little vases of it throughout the house while it was drying.

And I showed you how to bundle a few multi-leaved sprigs into a bundle to hang or set about for charming displays.

But today, today we’re going bigger.

Break out your glue gun.

We’re making a wreath. A wreath like this:


Finished Lambs Ear wreath hanging on White Plantation Shutters


Let’s Make A Dried Lambs Ear Wreath:

Original Bleached branch wreath

Start with your structure. It can be a grapevine wreath, or a wire hoop, or a bleached branch form like mine.

Mine is a 9-inch one from my local Dollar Store.



Painted version of my wreath


Took me three coats to get the color where I waned it. Each one maybe 10 minutes, so not crazy effort. Just used leftover interior latex in grey and white.

Here is a video of how I layers the leaves, then tucked in just a few berries for contrast and a little extra depth and interest.

Lastly, I gently covered the center where the leaves joined up with a twill ribbon that wrapped twice and tied in the back. Notice I like to tie the end with slip knots. This just gives the ribbon a bit more dimension. 



Tips For Making a Wreath Like This:

  • Use hot glue only — No wiring on this one
  • Start with largest leaves and build up to smallest filling any gaps
  • Wrap the center with a ribbon of choice knotting once in back 
  • I like to knot the ends of my ribbon (twill tape in this case) to give them more dimension
  • Add a few berries for contrast
  • Keep it simple — no overthinking this


Wreath with lambs ear bundles facing out on the bottom of the wreath with a band of twill and the ends hanging down
Pinterest Pin showing a closeup of the vase of drying leaves above a closeup of the finished wreath

I hope you keep this in mind when you plan your garden beds, or maybe when you are thinning your current beds.

Please consider spreading the joy, by saving to your Pinterest boards, and sharing this post with your friends.


Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Kim Bergstrom

    Where do you use the glue gun? i think i need a little more specifics…

    • Diane

      Hi Kim, thanks for the question! I just jumped over and it looks like the video is not working. I’ll have to look into what happened there. But the hot glue was used on the back of the stem and up the spine just a ways to hold the leaves on the wreath and layered on top of each other. Then you cover the bundle of stems with ribbon or twill tape as I used.

      You can’t use wire as the leaves are rather delicate and wire will cut right through them.

      Don’t hesitate with any additional questions that might come up.

      • Sandi

        How long does it last?
        Do you have picture after it’s dried?

  2. Danieli

    In Brazil we know this plant as pesca da horta (fish in the diminutive) is a Panc plant (unconventional food plant), if you bread it and fry it, it tastes similar to fish, it has antioxidant activity. Who wants to know more how to consume…

  3. Barb

    So do you dry the leaves before making the wreath or so they dry on the wreath?

    • Diane

      Hi Barb,
      I laid them them out for a few days, until had time to get around to it, and them out then put my wreath together. I would not let them dry for months before working with them or they will get too brittle. Don’t overthink this. They are very forgiving, kind of like hydrangeas.

  4. Keira


  5. Lin O’Hara

    Can I winter over lambs ears indoors?

    • Diane

      Linda, that’s an interesting question. Ive never tried because in our area, zone 6a, Lambs Ear are an evergreen perennial. So I’ve never felt the need to overwinter indoors.



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