What an exciting year 2023 was! And I owe it to YOU!

Yes, every single time you show up, every post you read, every sweet comment you leave, every time you share with a friend makes such a difference for me and for my little spot in wide, wide virtual world.

Oodles of thanks for all your support!!!

You all are the most amazing, supportive group of cheerleaders! You make it possible for me to continue creating, refining and sharing the flurry of ideas that are always swirling around in my head.

Because 2023 was amazing, I just know, deep in my heart that 2024 is going to be even more spectacular!

In true New Years fashion, let’s take highlight tour before donning our 2024 hat.

Most Popular Posts of 2023

No. 10) How to Revive Outdated Ornaments–

Three finished ornaments displayed on brass candlesticks

Such an easy hack to bring a fresh look and attitude to tired, outdated ornaments. This is a great project for a paint novice. Guaranteed success! And so quick and budget-friendly too!

No. 9) How to Make Fresh Lambs Ear Ornaments–

A Lambs Ear Christmas ornament hanging from a fir branch

Aren’t these the sweetest ornaments? And YES! The Lambs Ear remains soft, fuzzy and silvery green even as the leaves dry.

The updated ornaments of no. 10 served as the base for these.

No. 8) 3 Simple Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings With NO Nails —

Below greenery on a mantel, four Red and Gold Christmas Stockings hanging with red tree slice name tgas hanging from the top of three buttons on each stocking cuff

I have a number of posts on hanging Christmas stockings, I know you’re not surprised. I mean it’s what I do. I’m a Christmas stocking Professional afterall. There’s a reason Better Homes & Gardens has come to me three times to help with Christmas stockings.

This post, reworked a bit, continues to be the favorite!

But this hanging stocking method is the one that made Instagram and Facebook go crazy.

No. 7) 17 Tips for a Functional + Beautiful Buffet Table

If you’ve been around for at least a hot minute, you know I’m all in on function, Function first – always. And then we. make it stylish.

Yes, that’s even true for a buffet table. Whether Christmas, 4th of July or family reunion, a buffet table can be beautiful, but first it needs to function well!

No. 6) How to Throw the Best Blind Wine Tasting Party–

wine tasting scorecards with pens and other party supplies on a tray

I’m so glad you love this one! It’s such a fun party to host.

Blind Wine Tasting parties can be such fun!!! No stuff winery attitude here! Just loads of laughter and fun with our irreverent Pop Culture Score Cards.

There are lots of tips for how to simplify the process and make it budget friendly too.

No. 5) The Easiest Ottoman Slipcover to Make —

a tray of accessories sits on an ottoman slip cover made from a rag rug

Even if you have never sewn before, you can make this slipcover — from a throw rug!

I love how quick, easy and budget-friendly it was to make, and so did you! But even more, it looks great!!!

No. 4) This Best Storage Solution for Faux Florals–

Florals shown in tubes on HVAC system

I know it seems crazy! But based on the number of you who have come back to this post several times, there are a lot of you who also need to organize your faux foral stash and have an odd space to do it.

Sometimes, the craziest solutions can be the best!!!

No. 3) Massive Wall of Floating Bookshelves —

Partial view of the corner of a tv with floating shelves and books around it

Another of my very favorite DIY’s!!! A massive library wall of floating shelves.

Again function was first, but then we made it look modern and cool for our kids’ style.

This has been a favorite for two years running now. And I updated the post this year with more images and details of the actual installation.

No. 2) How to Make a Fresh Lambs Ear Wreath

Finished Wreath Hanging on Plaster Wall

It’s the project you never seem to tire of — making a sweet fresh lambs ear wreath.

In fact this wreath and the ornament (remember No. 10?) have been so popular, I made a post of 13 incredibly charming Fresh Lambs Ear projects.

No. 1) How to Preserve Fresh Lambs Ear

bundle of lambs ear tied with ribbon on a table

Surprised? I’m not!!! This post is a perennial favorite just like the sweet little Lambs Ear itself.

YES! I promise, Lambs Ear retains its signature soft fuzzy texture and silvery sage green color even as it dries.

It does become brittle once dry, but there are lots of projects it’s great for.

Here is a new-ish post of 13 favorite projects and how best to use fresh Lambs Ear in each case.

Thanks for joining me down memory lane.

Did any of these surprise you?

Are there posts you’re surprised didn’t make the top ten?

What was your personal favorite of 2023?

Thanks so very much for joining me. If you aren’t already a subscriber, let’s make that happen for 2024:

Thanks so very much!

Here’s to an even better 2024!!!

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