Sharing the EASIEST way to paint buffalo plaid (aka: gingham check) on anything. Here I'm painting eggs on Spring pillow.

Buffalo Plaid vs. Gingham Check?

Buffalo Plaid: Larger Black Ground

Gingham: Smaller White Ground



- Pillow Slip or Cover - Painter's Tape - Craft Paints - Paint Brushes - Scrap paper, cardboard - Iron

Step 1:

- Line pillow cover

Step 2 & 3 :

- Make Egg-shaped masks and tape in place

Step 4 & 5:

- Tape grid pattern  *** See Details and Tips in Blog Post

Step 6:

- Paint initial squares  *** See Details and Tips in Blog Post

Step 7:

- Remove Paint Grid   

Step 8:

- A little freehand watercoloring *** See Tips and Hints in Blog Post  

Step 9:

- Remove the frames

Your Buffalo Plaid  is Done!

But Your Pillow isn't. -- yet!

Step 10:

- Add grass or other details

Step 10:

- Heat set your painting

Now, where to perch  your Spring cutie?

Click on Pictures for Blog Post

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