Closeup of Three Macrame-Inspired Valentine's Day Pillows

How To Make Cute Cozy

Valentines Pillows

These Cute, Cozy macrame-inspired Valentine pillows are surprisingly easy to make. Macrame inspired lovers knots replace hearts. Plus, change the colors for any season.

Is your home feeling a bit bare? Visually cold?

I’m with you! It always seems that way when we pack away all the festive holiday trimmings. So I’ve learned to embrace some cozy touches through our home during these bleaker months.

I’ve never been one to add a lot of bright red hearts all around, And I don’t have the space to store Valentine specific mugs or dishes for eleven months.

But I can still cozy up our home with a few subtle nods to this Valentine season.

So How Do I Decorate for Valentines Day?

Two Valentines Day pillows with applied macrame inspired lovers knots on the pillow fronts

Valentine Throw Pillows are a Perfect Starting Point

We can always use more throw pillows, right?

And aren’t these the sweetest — and subtle! Rather than overt hearts, I chose to go with Lovers Knots.

And it sure is fun to dust off the old macrame skills in an updated way.

Valentines day accent pillow made with an inset frame of very thick yarn that is tied in each corner with a decorative lovers knot


When making pillow covers, I try to be consistent in sizes. This way I only store the covers during their off season, not the bulky pillow forms. Off comes a Christmas cover, on goes this new Valentine’s Day throw pillow cover. Then It will be replaced with a Spring or Easter cover.

Closeup of one pillow with a heavy yarn making a large lovers knot on the front of the pillow

By keeping them subtle, they can stay in the decor game longer if you wish.

How about for a nursery?

Or with its macrame influence, your boho loving pre-teen might claim these for her room!

So Why Knots on Valentine Throw Pillows?

Since ancient times, knots have been used throughout many cultures as a symbol of love. It represents the unbreakable bond and eternal connection between two lovers.

There are several knots referred to as lover’s knots. The one I chose to use is the Josephine knot (named after one of Napoleon’s wives). It has always been one of my favorites. And it also has multiple versions so I could have the large center style and then also the corner style for the inset framed pillow.

These pillows can have a life outside Valentine’s Day. Change the colors and it would be a lovely gift to new baby, for a bridal shower, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day — really any occasion to express love.

How to Make These Valentine’s Day Pillows

Picture of the supplies and materials needed

Materials and Supplies:

MATERIALS: (these are not affiliate links, just adding them to help you get a quicker start)


  • Sewing Machine, optional (very easy to hand sew also)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Marking Pen or pencil

Step 1) Cut Fabric if You are Making Your Own Cover

I made my own cover out of pinwale corduroy for the Center Double Knot Pillow because I wanted the four yarns tails to disappear into the seam.

I used an IKEA cover for the Inset Frame Pillow.

Step 2) Cut Your Yarn


I used one long 8 ft. piece of yarn for my 20 X 20 pillow.


Cut four pieces of yarn. For my 20 X 20 pillow I cut 4 ft lengths (and this was very generous)

Step 3) Mark Your Yarn Placement

Showing line for frame on the fabric with one knot in the corner and the yarn beside it


Using a disappearing fabric marker (a light pencil line will work just fine for this), I marked a stitch line. i decided on 3 1/2-inches in from the stitch lines on the Ikea cover.


With a small dot, mark the center of your pillow cover or piece of fabric. And then mark two spots for the tails along the side edges. I decided on 6-inches between the two pairs of tails. So I found center line and then marked 3-inches on each side

Step 4) Tie Your Knots

I used a You Tube video as a refresher. Search Josephine knot and you’ll find many options. I went by this video.

Double version of Josephine knot tied in very thick yarn laying on top of the pillow cover


I used the “Tied With One End, Single Version”. I tied the first knot, laid it on my frame marking to determine where the second knot should land. Tie the second knot loosely. and then as you tighten it you can adjust for the length of the side. repeat for all four corners.


I used the “Tied With Two Ends, Doubled Version”

Tied my knot as in the video.

Step 5) Stitch to Pillow


Hand pulling needle and thread through the knot on the Valentine pillow
Presser Foot and Needle os Sewing Machine stitching down the center of the yarn onto the Valentine Pillow

Once you have your knots tied. place them in each corner with the top loop of the triangle that doesn’t have a tail coming out of it should be facing out to the corner of the pillow. The two tails are the frame sides. Pin the knots in place. and hand tack them.


Closeup of double knot laying on pillow cover with an error circle in red
Closeup of double knot with markings indicating where to tack the knot to the pillow cover

Lay knot on the pillow with center point in the center of the knot. Lay the tails out carfully.

HINT: (do as I say, not as I did)

Yes, another learn from my woes. Fortunately I caught it before I had everything stitched down.

The two tails should both come over or come under the loops. And the over under alternates between pairs, NOT within a pair. See the problem, both of those tails should be coming out under the loops at that spot.

Now hand tack the center knot in place.

Tack wherever the yarn crossed under. I’ve marked the spots on the picture above to give you an idea.

Shows the backside of the pillow front and how the hand tacking is not pretty, but effective
Yep, this tacking is not meant to be pretty on the underside. Good thing you’re the only one that will see it!

Now stitch the straight tails in place, either by machine or by hand.

Step 6) Optional. Finish the pillow cover

If you chose to make your own pillow cover, now is the time to finish the pillow.

Add an invisible zipper (by far the easiest zipper to install). If they make you nervous or you don’t have an invisible zipper foot. Have no fear! I have a tutorial on You Tube, right here.

Three Valentines Day pillows stacked in a striped chair

Aren’t these make such fun additions to your throw pillow inventory?

Yes, you’re right, there is a third one there that I haven’t mentioned. It’s another option for your Valentines Day decor.

That third one uses a bit of a twist on making it and it also can be made with a special intention. This post is already quite long, so that third pillow, the XOXO pillow has its own post, right here!

I sincerely wish you don’t, but reality is, you probably know someone who is fighting the cancer battle. This pillow, the XOXO pillow, has a simple modification to honor, to love and support, to encourage a cancer warrior. Be sure to check it out. It would make a great gift!

Three Valentines Day pillows piled in a chair
reminder to Pin It Now

Pinterest Pin of Valentines Day Pillows

I hope this inspires a bit of Valentine crafting for you.

If you are thinking about celebrating “Your Ladies” with a Galentine’s gathering, be sure to check out these tips for simple party and gift ideas.


  1. Paula@SweetPea

    All three versions of your Valentine’s Day pillows are beautiful.

    • Diane

      Oh thanks Paula! you are absolutely the sweetest!

  2. Janet

    I love chunky yarn and these are a great use of it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Diane

      Isn’t the new chunky yarns so much fun!?! and very forgiving if you are a novice sewer.

  3. Cindy

    Love all three of these pillows! Great tutorial too!

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Cindy! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Jayne @ Chalking Up Success

    I love all of your DIY Valentine’s pillows! They look high end too, I would never have guessed they were homemade.

    • Diane

      Oh Jayne, that’s what I love hearing! Happy Galentine’s Day to you, way over yonder.

  5. Juliet

    They’re all beautiful … I love them. I like to give all my nieces a little Valentine’s gift each year and they would love to receive something soft and pretty like this. xo

    • Diane

      Oh Juliet you have some pretty lucky nieces. I have enough yarn to make 30 or 40 more (ha! ha!)

  6. Danielle

    These are so pretty! I absolutely love chenille!!!

    • Diane

      Oh me too!!! Have you seen this yearn at Hobby Lobby yet? It’s so great to work with and I’m not typically a yarn gal. But when I saw it I had to come up with some way of using it, Voila! These pillows sprang from that.

  7. Tammy

    Diane, this pillows are so beautiful. So elegant and cozy.

    • Diane

      Thanks bunches Tammy! Hope you enjoy a fabulous week and are not in the path of the heaviest of this week’s snow.

  8. Julie Briones

    These pillows are just lovely, Diane… and they definitely give off a cozy vibe! I love that you can create these with different colors of yarn to fit any season or holiday! Pinned, and I’m so excited to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week!

    • Diane

      Oh, Julie! Thanks so very much for the Shout Out! Your link party is one of the best, so to be featured there means a lot. Have a great week!!!

  9. Cindy

    These pillows are the cutest Diane! They look so cuddly 😊 Pinned!

  10. Alexandra

    These are awesome! Love to see yarn used in non-traditional ways.

    • Diane

      Thanks Alexandra! I’m more a fabric and clay person, but it’s really fun to play in different mediums. And the yarns these days!!!! Wow!

    • Diane

      Thanks Beth. I just added your Link Party to my schedule.



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