super close up of 4 washed linen party favor bags in a galvanized steel tray on a grey and white quartz countertop with a stack of pink plates ready for Galentine's Day

Great Galentines Day ideas for simple gifts and a fun party honoring the friendship love your band of Special Ladies share.

Valentines Day is for celebrating love — ALL kinds of love!

Hallmark hasn’t come up with a Best Girlfriends Day yet, but more and more we seem to be co-opting Valentine’s Day into our own Galentine’s Day or even Palentine’s Day.

Yes Valentine’s Day celebrates the love between spouses or partners, but also the love between siblings, between parents and children, between neighbors who look after each other, and on.

But today, today let’s talk about one love that is especially near and dear to me. The love between gal pals, your sisters-in-choice, the support network that steps in when you are down.

However you think of them, these are the special ladies that you may have a long history with, or perhaps a short history but a long future is in the works.

Linen Party Favor Bag with a pom pom and fluffy bow closure next to a ball jar filled with festive striped straws and a stack of snack dishes

What Makes Great Galentines Day Gifts?

Something sweet. Something thoughtful. Something handmade.

Those are my Go-To’s for any gifting situation. But with my ladies, I also consider useful. And by useful, I mean problem solving which includes self-pampering.

Washed linen party favor bags in a galvanized steel tray and five loose clothespins and nametags scattered on a grey and white quartz countertop
Making is my love language. So let’s start there. How about some simple Spring clothespins?
A Decorated CXlothespin on a megnetiic Chalk board with ornate frame holding the corner of a family photo

Don’t let them deceive you! They really are very simple to make. Check them out here. And you can make a bunch of them very quickly and cheaply! Glue a magnet to the back and they are right at home on a magnet board securely holding the pictures of those near and dear to their hearts.

Part of a serving tray with four heart-shaped Linzer cookies  and a tea towel. and rolling pin off to the side

Or perhaps holding the recipe for these sweet Linzer cookies from my friend Michele at Vintage Home Designs.

The sweetest, right? Wouldn’t you love to find a cellophane bundle of two or three of these special cookies in your gift bag?

Three shell trinket dishes on linen napkin

And possibly nestle that special cookie bundle shell trinket dish.

If your gals are up to some crafting. These are super duper easy to make with pretty much guaranteed success.

Now that you have some Galentine’s (or Palentine’s) Day gifts, how should you distribute them?

You can always do the porch drop, ring and run, but why pass up on the opportunity to really do “The Girls” right?

How about sweet Valentine pillows for the ladies? Here are some super sweet options. And if one of your special ladies is doing battle with cancer, here is a XOXO pillow with a modification to show your love, support and encouragement.

Plan a Galentine’s Day Party


So many ways to approach this. You know your ladies. So identify this first big W.

On Valentine’s Day, you’ll have a lot of competition for their time. So I suggest the week before.

Do you want to do a simple brunch, or more of a happy hour evening celebration? Which is best? Depends on your ladies.

If your ladies are all available during weekdays, then that might be the easiest on everyone’s schedule. If afterwork is a requirement, schedule early and make sure everyone understands: Girl Time is Priority Time!


Again, no rules here! Easiest on everyone is to meet out somewhere. No housecleaning required. No farming the kids out to a trusted neighbor.

But it’s not as cozy and intimate if that’s what you are working towards. And to do it right, it can cost a pretty penny. Also keep in mind that even after almost two years, we have to think about the issue of eating and drinking indoors around a lot of people we don’t know. Are all your ladies vacc’d and boosted? Sorry to say, it’s reality folks.

Pink plates, linen naokins, spring bud and a tray of linen party favor bags are all ready to a Galentines party


Oh my heavens, the ideas are endless. My favorite for celebrating my gals, is with a variety of finger foods. Savory and sweet! To me, a wide variety of appetizers says “special celebration” just like this day for my ladies should be.

We get together periodically and have lovely soup and salad brunches for hours. But for a day celebrating the bonds and the years between us, I’d like it to be more playful, more diverse, more unpredictable. Besides I love the artistry of serving boards!

I will probably ask my ladies to each bring something in a given category. Something like: a sweet treat, a savory dip, a warm savory, a signature cocktail, a warm beverage, etc. This way, each is encouraged to explore and experiment but I’m also sure we have all the bases covered.


One name tag clipped on a washed linen party favor bag with additional bags in a galvanized metal tray on a quartz countertop

Well, we already discussed Galentine’s Day Gifts. If you are hosting, just re-spin them as party favors instead.

And of course party favors deserve a charming bag to take them home in and then repurpose.

Small Washed linen bag with succulent plant and jute tassel

And I happen to know right where you can find these linen bags, Two sizes, washed linen as above.

Or unwashed with chalkcloth labels like here below:

Linen party favor bag with an oval chalk cloth label sewn on that reads "Jenn". The bag is held closed with pretty blue clothespin and some silk green and flowers.

The gifting for Galentine’s Day should be a sweet little something that makes everyone feel good. Everyone should receive the same gift from each giver — so much less stress! And no drama!

One year we exchanged a “favorite find”. Kathy gave each a bottle of her favorite body wash. I gave everyone my favorite new back scrubber and my favorite new lip moisturizer.

I hope these ideas helped to inspire you to celebrate your special gal pals.

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Pinterest Pin showing a polaroid picture of plates and party favor bags and placecards  set for the party to begin labeled  "Galentine's Day". And a Title that reads "Party & Gift Ideas to Treat "The Girls" Right

Wishing you a wonderful Palentine’s Day. I truly appreciate you. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement you send me every day.

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Michele Howell

    I just love all of these ideas Diane, and thank you so much for including my cookie recipe!! Those little linen gift bags are so adorable!!

    • Doug

      Thanks Michele! I love your cookies. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. Linda

    Great ideas and fun. Thank you Dizne.

    • Diane

      Thanks Linda! I hope they inspired you for your next girls gathering whatever the occasion or non-occasion.



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