The 2019 tree skirts are here!

I’m back with the same fabulous premium jute! Think traditional burlap but with a longer fiber and tighter weave. It’s the fabulous earthy vibe of burlap with the richness of heavy natural linen. Definitely swoon worthy! PLUS a new option: the most wonderful linen!!! [definitely deserving of thee !’s]
Linen Reg Christmas Tree Skirt with white trim and light neutral buttons
I’ve been searching for the perfect linen for 3 years — searching and searching and searching.
Finally, I found it.
What makes the perfect linen you ask?

Well, for tree skirts:
— Weight. Mid is preferred.
— Body. Plenty of it [too drapey and the outline of the tree stand and any flooring transitions becomes distracting].
— Color. The perfect neutral greige, not too grey, not too beige.
— Variation. That’s where the true beauty and personality is. And this linen is a Beauty! Full of depth in color and texture.
— Price. Yes, it’s always a consideration. I work hard to keep my prices affordable, without sacrificing quality materials and workmanship.

Linen Tree Skirt Closeup

Pick Your Size

With skirts, it’s all about the fit. Right, ladies?
So I am continuing to offer three sizes.

Small Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

The smallest tree skirt is 30-inches across, with five large covered buttons, perfectly sized for a slim pencil tree or table top tree She’s $52 in burlap and $55 in linen, with shipping included.

Linen Christmas Tre Skirt with Deep Red Trim

The standard skirt measures a generous 54-inches in diameter with 7 large covered buttons. In burlap it’s $90 and $96 in linen, with shipping included.

XL Linen Christmas Tree Skirt with white trim

The extra large tree skirt tree skirt is a whopping 66-inches in diameter — yes, that’s 5 1/2 feet across — and sports 9 large covered buttons. It’s $124 in burlap and $130 in linen, with shipping included.

All sizes, the decorative overlay is stitched in place with a hemmed opening down the back.

Now for the fun — accessorizing!
Pick your banding and button colors:

fullsizeoutput_45dfBand Options for BURLAP Christmas Tree Skirt in 2019


Band Options for BURLAP Tree Skirts in 2019Band Options for LINEN Christmas Tree Skirt in 2019


Buttons Options for 2017 Christmas Tree SkirtButton Suggestions on BURLAP


Button Color Choices on Linen
Button Suggestions on LINEN


And just to get you going, a small sample of the possibilities!
What will yours be?


Festive green trimmed tree skirt with black and white buttonsBright, Festive Green Taffeta on BURLAP with Black & White Buttons


Linen Christmas Tree Skirt with Green TrimFestive Green Taffeta on LINEN with Light Neutral Buttons


Classic & TailoredTree skirt in Red, White & BlackCrisp & Modern, yet Classic Plaid (I’m in love!) on BURLAP
with Black, Red & White Buttons


Linen Christmas Tree Skirt with Plaid Trim and Back & White ButtonsPlaid Trim on LINEN with Back & White Buttons

fullsizeoutput_4635Red Band on BURLAP with Black & White Buttons

Bu-Pen-Red-BlkRedWhtRed Band on BURLAP with Black, Red & White Buttons

Bur-R-Red-BrightsRed Band on BURLAP with Bright Red & Green Buttons

fullsizeoutput_463bRed Band on LINEN with Red & White Buttons

Lin-Reg-Wine-DkNeutralsDeep Red Band on LINEN with Dark Neutral Buttons

Lin-Reg-Wine-LtNeutralsDeepRed Band on LINEN with Light Neutral Buttons

Bur-XL-Wine-DeepR/GDeep Red Band on BURLAP with Deep red & Green Buttons


Linen Tree Skirt with Charcoal TrimCharcoal Tweed Trim on LINEN with Dark Neutral Buttons


Skirt-white-brightR&G websiteCreamy white on BURLAP with Bright Red & Green Buttons


Linen Christmas Tree Skirt with White Trim and Back & White ButtonsCreamy White Trim on LINEN with Black & White Buttons


To help you with the Burlap vs. Linen:
Linen vs. Burlap Closeup
<style=”text align: left;”> If you are ordering with, or already own South House stockings, I will make your buttons in those fabrics. If you prefer or are interested in a tree skirt ala carte, you can specify your choice of colors using the above pictures for reference. Note the buttons shown are just representative. Your actual buttons may vary a bit.


So if you’re swooning and ready to order, hop right on over to the Tree Skirt section ofSouth House Boutique for all your options.

If you have questions, ask away! I’m here to help.



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