For event decor, party decor or seasonal decor, think big, bucket big. As the Grand Daddy of the South House bag family, the 5 Gallon Bucket Bag certainly has a commanding presence. He has impact and can carry quite the load for your game watch party decor.

To give you an idea, here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how I styled him for our big game day Watch Party.

Our supplies:
Plastic 5-gallon bucket
Burlap Bucket Bag
Chalk Marker
Florist vase or jar
Plastic bags
Natural grass plumes
Sheet moss
Two 2.5 qt. Sedum


Start by writing your message on the chalk cloth label with chalk marker or chalk. (Our example is for US Naval Academy class of 2009 alum and parents).

Remove the handle from your 5-gallon bucket.


The bucket bag is sized to fit tightly over the wide rim that the bucket handle attaches to, so the lower body of the bag is loose around the bucket. I prefer to fluff out the lower portion of the bag so I often fill the loose area with a few plastic shopping bags. Pull the burlap bag partially up the bucket, slip the crumpled shopping bags in the gaps and the finish pulling the burlap bag over the wide rim.


Either tuck the excess fabric over and down the inside of the bucket, or in this case I folded it back over the outside several times for a nice finished rolled edge.


Tuck the florist vase inside against the back edge. Hold you grass plumes against the bucket and cut them off at their desired height. Tuck a few more plastic bags between the stalks to get the right arrangement. Of course, a nice piece of florist foam in the vase would be great too. (I just didn’t have any on hand at the moment inspiration for this project hit)


Tuck the two pots of sedum in the bucket, towards the back.


I was able to wedge them together on the lip of the wide florist vase.


More plastic bags were crumpled in the empty center front.


The ends of the plumes were added for a bit more height and filler.


Then a layer of sheet moss.


The final addition, the football of course. Certainly it could be a basketball, soccer ball or even a mitt and baseball.


You can certainly stop there, but why would you? I added one of each of my other party bags overflowing with the traditional flowers of Fall and football.



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