Burlap (Jute) Care

Awww jute, the teenager of textiles. It’s loaded with personality, holds all kinds of promise but is a bit rough around the edges, and yes, is prone to sporting more than its fair share of blemishes. But still, it captures my heart!

And just as teenagers are not fond of taking instructions well, jute is a natural fiber that does not like to take dye well. Burlap is not colorfast. This means it will fade over time in bright light. It also means that if it gets wet and is allowed to sit, the dye could bleed onto porous surfaces it has extended contact with. Hence, I will only make my table linens out of my cream or chestnut jute. I have not been able to force any bleeding from the cream or chestnut burlap, but just to be safe, please do not leave it sitting damp on any porous surfaces for hours on end.

Care: Jute/Burlap is not machine washable. I recommend spot cleaning and if necessary, gently hand-washing, and air dry flat or hang from a skirt hanger. It will hold up well to a hot iron and steam. Just do NOT let the hot iron touch any chalk cloth.

Chalk Cloth Care & Instructions

Chalk cloth, just like chalk boards and chalkboard paint, requires “seasoning” prior to use. Your  initial seasoning has been done. However, to minimize any shadowing that could be left behind by chalk or Chalk Markers, you may want to season again prior to use and certainly between uses. Also, wipe the chalk cloth clean when not in use. The longer the message sits on the chalk cloth, the greater the chance of a stubborn ghost image. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away your message.

To season chalk cloth, simply lay a piece of chalk on it side and rub in all directions, wipe clean and you are ready to go.

Please be aware that the scrapbooking industry has recently introduced a number of products with chalk in the title. They are NOT chalk, just made to look like chalk, and often times permanent. Check the labels carefully.

Do NOT let a hot iron touch the chalk cloth. If needed, a burst of steam on the backside from a  bit of distance followed by a heavy book can be used.


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