Treats for ALL the Guests

1st pic for Farm wedding

Admit it. You can’t help but smile, right?  I adore these pictures, the charm, the vibrant fun, the theme – I just love it all!

Lauren & Robert were planning their big day. They lovingly and joyfully tailored it to their personal style while creating a farmers’ market treat for all their guests. And I have to admit I was downright awestruck when I saw the results – so much charm and rustic romance! Just have to share a few pictures with you.

Kids corral

This has to be one of my hands-down favorite use of my chalk cloth banners. Yes, I am a creative thinker; and yes, I intentionally designed my banners to handle a myriad of decorating situations. But I continue to be blown away by what my customers come up with. And the simplicity and charm of this one: shepherds’ hooks stuck in hay bales. Total brilliance.

In true country hospitality style, Lauren crafted a delightful, and refreshingly charming day for ALL her guests – even the youngest. I love the idea of a “Kids’ Corral” – an area totally dedicated to the tykes – that included nostalgic games, mini tractors and special candy treats.

games at farm wedding

If you have an extra couple of minutes, treat yourself to the more pictures of

Lauren & Robert’s special day.

Farm wedding exit

Many thanks to Lauren and Robert for sharing their beautiful day with us.



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