My instinctive response to just about anything, is to make something! (I know, it’s kinda crazy ….)

Social distancing is important! It needs all of us! We are all feeling it financially, but the vulnerable of our society are feeling it the most. And the littlest of these? Their school lunches and their parents’ paychecks — gone! These little ones are hungry!

100% of the proceeds from these Little Pots is going to Harvesters (KC-based food pantry network). The really cool thing: Harvesters is magical in their leveraging!!!

Every dollar yields 3, yes THREE, meals!!!

So if you buy a set of three Little Pots for $19, you are buying 59 meals for Hungry Tots —- oh, and three adorable little linen pots for yourself!

Take your pick of the three different sets. And you may want more than one set — they’re the perfect size for brightening your new home-based work spaces, the large one will hold a double roll of TP if you’re leaving treasures on neighbors porches, just sayin’, and once we are through this, you know you’ll want cute little hostess gifts, ….

NOTE: Product Details After Set #3




Product Details:

Littlest Pot:

  • approx. 3 1/2″ diameter X 3″ tall
  • Bohemian fringed linen cuff
  • holds a mini clay pot
  • or an individual “filler” plant (found these at HyVee Florist while searching for sanitizer and TP) These pots are 2 1/2″ square.
  • line with a baggie or plastic wrap if you’re using live plants that need watering

Middle-size Pot:

  • approx. 4″ diameter X 3 1/2″ tall
  • folded linen cuff
  • holds a little potted plant (this one from WalMart garden center while still searching for TP)
  • The black plastic pot measures 3 1/2″ in diameter
  • line with a baggie or plastic wrap if you’re using live plants that need watering

Largest Pot:

  • approx. 4 3/4″ diameter X 4″ tall
  • folded linen cuff
  • riveted leather handles
  • holds a “traditional 4″ clay pot and saucer” (from Lowes)
  • or a 4″ plastic pot (tulips from HyVee Florist while waiting in line)
  • line with a baggie or plastic wrap if you’re using live plants that need watering

TIP: If you only have zipper style sandwich bags, cut the “zipper” part off and your bag will be pliable to fit down in your Little Pot.

These Little Pots are all hand-crafted in Missouri. They will ship via First Class mail. If you are local to Lake Waukomis and would like to pick up your order, send me a note and we can arrange a pickup time and refund your postage charges.


  1. Kim

    I love that the proceeds go towards buying food. They are so cute! Thank you for sharing with Charming Homes & Gardens!

    • Diane

      Thanks Kim! It’s been a great effort. So far we have provided $$ for 3,200+ meals.

  2. AJ

    Darling pots and such a good cause! Looking forward to receiving the ones I ordered

    • Diane

      Thanks bunches for your kind words AND for ordering a set. They will be on their way tomorrow, if not today.


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