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All That Glitters – Stockings to Glisten all Season Long

Whether you’re Team Gold or Team Silver or embrace the Mixed Metal mentality, All That Glitters will compliment and elevate your Christmas decorating!

It’s all about luxury and shimmer with a helping of glitz & glam (minus the Vegas showgirl).

So Sorry! All That Glitters is SOLD OUT!

Luxe Christmas Stockings in Silver and Gold
Gold and Silver Christmas Stockings

Suggested tree skirt pairing: black wool, red linen-look or white crinkle banding.

All That Glitters Christmas Stockings are available here.

Check out all of Jane’s fabulous name tags are available here.


Black Forest Cake Stockings – Rich, Decadent and Soooo Good!

Just like their namesake, Black Forest Cake Christmas Stockings are dark, rich & decadent – dark taupe and rich gold with a generous smattering of decadent dark cherries and wine. All to be enjoyed by an evening fire.

Rich velvets, classic menswear, a touch of satin and then add in a very current watercolor floral and you’ve got that “wow” nailed.

So Sorry! Black Forest Cake is SOLD OUT!

Christmas Stockings - Black Forest Cake
Christmas Stocking - Rich andModern
Taupe & Gold with Wine Christmas Stockings

Black Forest Cake Christmas Stockings are available here.

And with the Black Forest Cake stockings, we suggest the black wool trim on our tree skirts.

Jane’s fabulous name tags are available here.


Paisley Panache Christmas Stockings — Oozing with Festive Charm

Playful & Whimsical
Light, Bright & Merry
Traditional Red and Festive Green — but certainly not boring and predictable. It’s traditional but with a twist of added shades of melon, teal and gold.

Festive Fun all the way.

Paisley Panache will make an encore performance in 2017, but with understudies called in for the solids. Check back here after Sept. 1.

Paisley Christmas Stockings in Red and Green

Paisley Christmas Stockings - Red white and Green
Christmas Stockings with Paisley Panache

Paisley Panache Christmas Stockings are available here.

And for a tree skirt, Paisley Panache stockings pair perfectly with either the green taffeta, or red linen-look or white crinkle trim.

Jane’s fabulous name tags can be found here.


Winter Berry Christmas Stockings – Cheery Charm Inspired by Nature

The bright greens and grounding browns of nature inspired these Christmas stockings. And since we know everything’s better with berries, I added several servings worth of berry red into the mix.

It’s enough traditional red and green to be comforting and lasting, but with a fresh twist to be refreshing, playful, and energetic.

So Sorry! Winter Berry is SOLD OUT!

Winter Berry Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings - all thing nature
Christmas Stockings - winter berry charm
Winter Berry Christmas Stockings


The Winter Berry Christmas Stockings are available here.

Coordinating tree skirt you ask? We love the brown “linen” or the green taffeta or the red “linen” to coordinate with the Winter Berry stockings.

Check out all of Jane’s fabulous name tags are available here.


Mocha with Cayenne – Warm and yummy with a bit of spice!

Awww, these are a study of warmth and comfort! All shades of brown in delicious unison, from golden caramel to deep, dark roast, but with a liberal sprinkling of red cayenne pepper to keep it interesting and add some spice.

Perfect for a more rustic style, a more down-to-earth style, or a more modern take on country style.

So Sorry! Mocha Cayenne is SOLD OUT!

Christmas Stockings in Mocha with Cayenne
Mocha with Cayenne Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings in Browns with Red

Mocha with Cayenne Christmas Stockings


Mocha with Cayenne Christmas Stockings are available here.

For coordinating Christmas tree skirts, I suggest brown “linen”or the red “linen” trim.

Jane’s fabulous name tags are here.


Indigo + Espresso Christmas Stockings – Decidedly Unique, Rich and Delicious

These stockings break the mold: who says stockings have to be cherry apple red and forest green? Heck, our houses aren’t all red and green so why should our stockings be?

For the Unique individuals who also love comfort! What’s more comfortable than our favorite indigo jeans? And complimented with the dark, rich tones of espresso, but brought to life with bright white — just like a flourish of whipped cream on top.

So Sorry! Indigo + Espresso is SOLD OUT!

Chrismas Stockings of Indigo and Espresso

Blue and Brown Christmas Stockings

Indigo + Espresso Christmas Stockings

The Indigo + Espresso Christmas Stockings are available here.

The bright white crinkle trim or the brown “linen” trim are the perfect pairings for a tree skirt to complement Indigo + Espresso Christmas stockings.

Find all of Jane’s fabulous name tags here.


Black & Gold with Red, 2nd Verse

Yes, back by popular demand!

A 2nd verse, not quite same as the 1st,

[a bit of Herman’s Hermits nostalgia for all us oldie fans]

of my popular stockings that are all about drama!

Rich, (tall is still overrated) Dark & Handsome — these Christmas stockings command the limelight! But they also play well with a host of supporting characters — rustic pinecones, tailored menswear of any kind, chic black lanterns filled with red bulbs, etc. etc.

So Sorry! The 2nd verse is SOLD OUT, but a similarly inspired group will be in the 2017 line-up. Check back here after Sept. 1st.

Black & Gold with Red Christmas Stockings

Burlap and more Christmas Stockings

Black and Gold with Red Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings in Black & Gold with Red


Black & Gold with Red, 2nd Verse Christmas stockings are available here.

Black & Gold with Red pair perfectly with the South House tree skirts trimmed in either the red “linen” or the black wool.

Check out all of Jane’s fabulous name tags are available here.


And don’t forget, join the South House HouseMates to be one of the first to know — and to have exclusive first dibbs on some limited editions


  1. Sherri Brincks

    I am wanting to order the glitter metalic stockings but when I pushed order button it took me to another page and said unavailable. Just wanting to confirm that you don’t have this series.

    • admin

      So very sorry Sherri, they sold out very quickly. I have been searching for years for quality metallic fabrics a bit of shine but no screaming prom, pageant or showgirl. So when I came upon these, I bought all there was. I will keep looking and maybe one of these years will be able to offer something similar.

  2. Kevin Workman

    These are beautiful! What is the delivery time for these stocking? I will need 8. I like the black gold and red series.

  3. Kate Moga

    I love your stockings and want to order three but do not see how to do it. I understand I’m past theDecember 1 deadline. Can you help?

    • admin

      Thanks for the stocking love Kate!
      Each group has a link below it that will take you right over to the shop listing. Assuming the stockings you are interested in are not sold out, I am taking orders for shipping in January. Think of it as getting head start on your not-going-to-procrastinate-anymore resolution.

  4. Lori Merkel

    I am madly madly in love with all that glitters! I need to sets for next year is that possible? Also would love some grays if possible !! My fingers are crossed

    • admin

      Awww shucks, Lori! Thanks for the mad stocking love.
      I wish I had good news for you. It is insanely difficult to find quality metallic fabrics — something with weight that doesn’t scream pageant or showgirl. When a source had these available, I jumped and bought every last inch. Sadly, I have used all that fabric. I am hunting for more, or anything similar, but it took several years to find that stash.
      My advice would be to join the South House HouseMates,by subscribing to this website and/or follow on FB and then you will be among the first to know when I have new groups available. Plus, there’s a rumor floating about (that I cannot confirm or deny) that I will be offering some very limited edition, premium stocking groups during the off-season summer months. The HouseMates and FB followers will be the first to know.

  5. Roberta

    When can I order Christmas stocking for Christmas 2017?
    Thank you, I appreciate your time.

    • admin

      Hi Roberta,

      Fingers crossed the 2017 collection will be finalized, photographed and ready for orders Sept. 1.
      HINT: Be sure to join the HouseMates for a possible once-in-our-lifetime promotion to celebrate the once-in-our-lifetime solar eclipse that will be passing near me on August 21.


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