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Party Favor Bags

Closed with a Special Touch

We all want to honor our guests with special party favor bags!

With minimal effort and expense, but not look that way, right?

Here’s the answer: our party favor bags with flowers and brads or buttons to close them with fun flair.

Don’t believe me? Follow along.


Here’s How-To Style Party Favor Bags with Flower Embellishments Using Brads or Buttons:


And here’s another super cute version using clothespins!


Your Party Bags will arrive packaged like this in a padded envelope or box. 


Complete with Care Instructions and Hints & Tips.



Gather your supplies:

  • Party Bags
  • Bundle of Flowers
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Marker or chalk
  • 2 Binder Clips (not shown above)
  • For BURLAP Bags: Brads
  • For LINEN Bags: small shank button, wire, bulldog clips



Step 1) Personalize Your Bags


While your bag is flat, personalize it! Write, draw, or doodle. Use my favorite Chalk Marker or any chalk will do.


Step 2) Prepare Your Bags


Finger press across the front base.


And then finger press across the back base.


Step 3) Bring on the goodies!

Now fill with the goodies.

Once filled, fold down the top and secure with two binder clips. Take your pick, fold to either the front or to the back. I’ve got examples of both for you at the end.


Step 4) Disassemble the Flower


With craft scissors cut the flowers off the stems — cut as close to the flower as possible.



Now it’s easy to pop off the plastic backer and then, from the front, remove the plastic center.


Step 5) BURLAP BAGS: Reassemble the Flower


Next, substitute a brad for the plastic center.

Now is a great time to get creative. Here, I’m showing a basic brass brad, but a brightly painted center would be fun too! Also, you can also customize your flower by layering petals of different shades or perhaps even different colors making rainbow flowers.


Optionally, at this point, you can add leaves salvaged from the stems.



Step 5) LINEN BAGS: Reassemble the Flower


silk flower petals with small shank button in the center


fingers pulling back layers of silk flower petals showing shank between them


Instead of the brad, use your shank button, squeezing the shank through the hole in the layers of petals. NOTE: Here I got a little extra creative and combined petals from two different flowers. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


wire through shank of button and plastic leaf stem


Then slip a length of wire, 4-5 inches in length, through the shank.


wire through shank button and into each hole of sew-thru button


Optionally, this is another place to get creative. Try layering buttons for your flower’s center, thread the shank button on your wire and then bend it in half and thread the two ends together through the layers of petals.

If you want to add a leaf or two, this is when you do it. Slip the leaf over the wire.



Ends of wire coming through the back of the flower petals and through the hole in the bulldog clip

Now thread both ends of the wire through the top of a large paper clip or through ONE hole of the bulldog clip. Separate the two wires and wrap them around separate sides of the clip. Use needlenose pliers to pull them tight, clip off extra wire and safely tuck fold those ends away.


Step 6) BURLAP BAGS: Close the Bag With the Flower Embellishment


Now, push the brad between the jute fibers of all 4 layers of burlap. (And yes, those are the two binder clips I forgot to photograph earlier that are holding the foldover for you.)

Note: Don’t worry, the fibers will give way making room for the brad without harm. Once you remove the brad, you can scratch the “hole” with a fingernail and the fiber will close up ready for the next festivities.



Step 6) LINEN BAGS: Close the Bag With the Flower Embellishment


Small washed linen goody bag and linen party favor bag with flowers for closures

Pretty straight forward. Fold the top of your bag down once or twice, to the front or to the back and clip on your flower. Bonus: an extra treat for your guests!


Small washed linen party favor bag and linen goody bag shown from the back with flower clips closing them

And from the back.


Ta! Da! Ready to Party!

And now from the back….

See, I promised you it was easy!

Are you Team Katie (fold to back) or Team Sandy (fold to front)?

(I think I’m leaning towards Sandy)

And if that’s not enough, these same little bags can perform double duty with seasonal decorating. Check it our here.

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