The beauty of creative thinking is how we all see things differently.

I am amazed at the charming ways so many of my customers use my chalk cloth and jute banners. I am particularly smitten with how one customer, Kristi, used them this past Christmas season.


She saw them as an opportunity for her kids to express their personalities – and their wishes. Could it be any more charming than this? And the vintage ice skates take it to a whole new level.

And wouldn’t this make a cute timeline to document their changing personalities by capturing in photo how the “wishes” change each year?

NOTE: Kristi reported that the kids loved to write and re-write on them. She didn’t wipe them completely clean between edits, so they show quite a bit of chalk dust.

This look adds to Kristi’s vintage charm, but if you prefer, they do wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Of course, they couldn’t leave Santa and his reindeers off their list.

And she led with this style on the front door wreath – with her own Christmas wish.


Thanks for sharing Kristi. Totally loving this!


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