a pod of whales in the ocean with just their backs and dorsal fins above the water


What I Can’t Let Go Of:

(just like the NPR Politics podcast on Fridays- minus the “Politics or otherwise” disclaimer.

This blog is a publicly politics-free zone, so all musings will be “Otherwise“.)

Have you heard about the Orcas, Killer Whales, off the coast of Europe attacking sailboats and breaking their rudders? There’s a number of theories why. But the most accepted (and the one I’m tickled by) is that these are curious, bored juveniles making a sport of sailboat rudders to entertain themselves.

Just like (and I kid you not) the fad a couple of years ago, off the US Pacific, when suddenly Orca juvenile whales started attacking other fish, particularly salmon and once they kill it, they swim around with it on their heads. I guess that gang initiation is not as painful and not as permanent as a tat.

There are similar stories of bored juveniles in the same dolphin pods acting out a weird fad behavior for a bit of time. Mimicking and challenging each other.

Hmmm, not too different than TikTok!

Wow! Mammals are so alike. Hands or flippers, it doesn’t seem to matter!

A dolphin is holding a ball in his mouth and looking right at the camera

I’d love to hear what you can’t let go of!

On the Blog This Week

Ottoman slipcovered with a blue and white rag rug with a tray holding a mug, small vase and magazine on top

Have you seen this post?

Have you wondered how this ottoman slipcover has held up?

I updated this post. And answered all your burning questions.

Yes, it is still the absolute easiest non-sewer’s sewing project ever!!! One fat needle, some thick thread and that’s it!!!! Pinky promise!

The rest of the week has been consumed with Christmas stockings!!!

They will be ready soon. Three groups designed this week!

And I’m working on a fun new Fall craft that’s in my head. Hoping it comes out as I envision and then I’ll be sharing late next week,

(Of course there would be another blue and white stocking group)

What other groups do you think there will be this year?

swatches of blue and white fabrics stapled on a piece of paper with "The Blues '23" handwritten at the top

Coming Next Week:

A new Pinterest Challenge is coming up next week. Can’t wait to see what my PC Buds have come up with also!

Hopefully three more groups of stockings can be worked through.

And a few behind the scenes projects that need to be finished up and documented so I can share them.

Reminder for my fellow bloggers- content creators or influencers

This is for you!

I discovered a “new” affiliate platform. If you have not heard of Mavely, you need to!

There’s no real application, it’s just a simple sign-up. They have hundreds of brands and retailers on the platform, and as a Mavely creator, you’re automatically in with each of them.

Please click here to learn more and join. There is no obligation. This link will take you to the website to explore what all the buzz is about.

Reminder for my Stocking Families:

We’re halfway through August!!! Yikes!

This is a reminder that if you have South House Christmas stockings and your family has or is growing, and you need an additional stocking or three to blend in with your originals,

NOW is the time to order!!!

To encourage you to order before the season starts (before Sept. 1), I waive the $15 surcharge that Add-On stockings carry during the holiday season.

Click here, to order from SouthHouseDesigns.com or click here if you prefer going through Etsy.

Sharing From Around the Web

Collage of six smiling women  under the title: Shopping With Friends, So Much Better Than Alone

It’s the third Saturday of the month — the day we take a shopping excursion together, these six blogging besties.

We’ve had two beautiful days where we could fling the window open and ditch the A/C! But then we’re back up the triple digits this weekend. So it’s not yet time to replace the light Summer throws — but I can start with scents.

Four Candles in different colored decorative glass jars are lit

Perfect timing, because it’s also Pier 1’s birthday. and they are celebrating with 61% off many items. Their highly rated, really large and beautiful $39.95 candles are included!!! At $15.59 maybe I don’t have to decide between Pumpkin Luxe, the Apple Crisp or Rustic Woodlands (my three favorites in their Fall scents)

Have you tried Tube Mascara yet?

Woo hoo! I love this one from Tarte.! I was ordering my third one and discovered they’re on sale.

They are never on sale!!! And for $15. (shipping included!) Hurry over while it lasts.

They call it lash extensions in a tube. That might be over-selling it just a bit, but it’s still great!

Tube of mascara

long lumbar pillow in an earthy textural fabric

I also like to trade out the brighter blue & white pillows of Summer with textural pillows that have a cozy effect.

This long lumber pillow from Hearth & Home will be great along the back of the couch. It’s long enough it would probably fill a loveseat.

Home Goods always has some of the best seasonal decor accents.

This crystal ball with swirling smoke inside caught my eye. It would be a great focal point in a tray display. Along with this tower skulls.

lighted globe held up by creepy gold hands

Now Let’s See What the Other Gals Found For Us

Lynn – Living Large in a Small House

Wendy – WM Design House

I know the daytime temperatures are still high, but I can feel the evenings cooling off. Or maybe it’s just my imagination because I’m so ready for fall. How about you? Here are a few things I am looking forward to.

Michele – Vintage Home Designs

  • I shared this adorable pleated lampshade on my Instagram this week, and so many of you loved it! I got so many messages wanting the link.
    It comes in 2 sizes and you won’t believe the price! I replaced a shade on a lamp in my sitting area with the larger size for a change, and I am loving it!
    There is also a really cute blue pattern one that I bought, as well.
  • Last month I shared a super cute and cozy outfit that I have been wearing this summer.
    I discovered last week that it also comes in a long sleeve version, so I just got one and planning to order another color.
    It has been a great travel outfit this summer and still cute for running errands or a lunch date.
  • I am a sucker for all things pumpkin, so I had to have this cute white pumpkin shape soup tureen. I think it will look cute this fall mixed in with my ironstone soup tureen collection.
    There are also small individual soup bowls with a lid that go with it.
  • And can we talk about this glass pumpkin dome?? It is a bit of a splurge, but it would be so amazing for fall decor and functional, as well.

Amy – Amy Sadler Designs

Amy’s favorite scents for Fall:

Cindy – Reinvented Delaware

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

As I said before, I would greatly appreciate your feedback, any special requests, or questions you have.

round image of Diane smiling next to a Signature that reads: With Joy, Diane


  1. Cindy Rust

    That blue lumbar pillow would be perfect in my living room! Have a great weekend Diane!

  2. Wendy McMonigle

    Love, love the new blue stockings that are coming!!!

    • Diane

      Oh yea! That’s great to hear from one of the queens of blue and white!


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