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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

(just like the NPR Politics podcast on Fridays- minus the “Politics or otherwise” disclaimer.

This blog is a publicly politics-free zone, so all musings will be “Otherwise“.)

The story of Nelly Don has been popping in and out of my head all week. It’s a wonderful, crazy life story. A wonderful fella in Kansas City, Nelly Don’s Great Nephew, history buff and theater nerd (as well as estate lawyer) wrote the play and then turned it into a musical movie, filmed here in KC.

Nelly was an extremely creative young woman of very humble beginnings who built a fashion empire in Kansas City — The Garment District. As a woman! In 1916! By 1931, her company grew to manufacturing more than 5,000 dresses per day!

Nelly’s passion for fashion motivated her beyond the acceptable “women’s roles”. And she had the persistence and drive to keep knocking on doors until one shop owner finally said he’d try 18 dozen (at a higher than typical price). They sold out before noon on the first day!

Cover image of pumpkin art on the backboard of a dry bar behind the title of South House House Mates

I’d love to hear what you can’t let go of!

On the Blog This Week

7 coordinating yet unique Luxury Christmas stockings are hagning from a mantel above a fire. Leather name tags hang from the top of three buttons on each cuff


The 2023 Collection of Christmas Stockings made their debut.

Eight groups this year — 59 unique styles!

There is truly something for everyone!

As much as I love dreaming about Christmas, I still love Fall decor and plenty of fun Fall crafts.

This is such a fun and easy and cheap pumpkin craft. All the details and FREE printables are in the blog post.

closeup of 3D pumpkins on a stretched canvas hanging as wall art above some gourds

Coming Next Week:

A Baker’s Dozen of soft, fuzzy, delightful cuteness! Be sure to keep a sharp eye out for this one.

Reminder for my fellow bloggers- content creators or influencers

This is for you!

I discovered a “new” affiliate platform. If you have not heard of Mavely, you need to!

There’s no real application, it’s just a simple sign-up. They have hundreds of brands and retailers on the platform, and as a Mavely creator, you’re automatically in with each of them.

Please click here to learn more and join. There is no obligation. This link will take you to the website to explore what all the buzz is about.

Sharing From Around the Web

Part of the fun of shopping together, is seeing what everyone else likes, right?

So here are the most popular items from all my September shares:

(click image or title)

round coffee table with caning accents and a lower shelf

1) Better Homes & Gardens Coffee Table

Am I surprised? Not one bit!

This has winner written all over it and at such a great price.

2) Sakura Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box Set, 30-Colors

I’m thrilled that so many of you are into, or want to try watercolors. I love this set and didn’t purchase it because of the portable packaging. But it has ended up being a great feature!

A set of 30 colors of Koi watercolors in a sketch field box

Gorilla brand glue gun in its packaginng

3) This great Glue Gun From Gorilla

I thought I was the only one crafting with and ancient, half melted single temp glue gun. Apparently I was wrong.

I think there’s a lot of crafters who learned the difference having great tools can make.

Plus the dual temp Gorilla Glue sticks — hardly any glue strings to deal with (esp. on high mode)

4) Silicone Fingertip Protectors

I’m so happy that so many saw the value in these — or maybe it just means you’ve burnt yourself enough to now take these seriously. ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️

PS: They’re also great for curling irons and flat irons.

brightly colored silicone finger protectors are on a woman's fingertips

5) Tarte Tubing Mascara

Woo hoo! I love this one from Tarte! And now more of you do too.

Have you tried tubing mascara? If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and order this one right away. It’s a game changer for me! (plus I have sensitive eyes and no problems)

They call it lash extensions in a tube. That might be over-selling it just a bit, but it’s still really great! My lashes are definitely longer when I’m wearing this.

Tube of mascara

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

As I said before, I would greatly appreciate your feedback, any special requests, or questions you have.

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