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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

How sometimes there is nothing you need more than an evening out,

sharing some laughs and enjoying an

absolutely charming, no-brain-power-required Rom-Com

(with popcorn for dinner)!!!

That was our Wednesday night.

And The Hubs and I both loved watching Mary Poppins and Ken get together.

Highly recommend The Fall Guy with Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling.

On the Blog This Week

closeup side view of one lit light fixture with top part of mirror beside it

This week it was all about the upper walls -the paper, and lights and mirror. OH MY!

And now it is truly all coming together.

The post focuses on how to pick these three elements to produce a cohesive look, with your design goals in mind and that work for a small, or proportion-challenged room.

Coming Next Week:

The ONE ROOM CHALLENGE continues . . . .

I’ll be sharing THREE builds for the half bath!

Then you’ll see why I needed a router!

(oh, and what a cool tool it is!!!! The potential projects are swirling in my head)

PLUS: The Handcrafted Society

assortment of dried flowers are on a table top under The Handcrafted Society logo

Our May meetup is next week. Can you guess some of the projects my talented friends have in store for you?

Sharing my favorite shortcuts, I use all the time, saving me loads of time.

Do you have a perfectly good iPhone, it’s just that the battery is draining fast? But otherwise, you would like to keep using it and save hundreds of dollars. Well, you can!

Remember, the weekly tech tips are a thank you to my subscribers. They are not published in the newsletter, but as exclusive content, they are published in the email you receive for thiis newsletter.

If you are a subscriber, check your inbox. If you’re not, please consider joining the team for all the exclusive content.

Do You Need Color Confidence?

I sure do!!!!

But lucky me, I have a friend who is a colorist.

And she, Amy Sadler, just published an amazing Ebook — and the subtitle is true!!! It IS the ultimate paint color guide.

I’m already so excited about the time I’ll save and the money (all those little sample jars add up) due to the clearer direction I will have on my next project.

If you haven’t yet, you really need to follow Amy’s Paint Made Simple IG account 😍 — and the tips she shares in her stories and then saves to highlights!!! She should be charging admission.

image of a book cover featuring open cans of paint around a paint brush with the title: Color Confidence, the Ultimate Paint Color Guide by Amy Sadler

A thrifted bundt pan is shown as a planter around a patio umbrella

Genius Thrifted Patio Umbrella Planter

This is one of those head clunker for me! So obvious, why had I never thought of this?

But I’m glad Jen at Tater Tots & Jello shared it.

Click over and check out how she did it.

Race you to the thrift store!

And I can’t get over this sweet, sweet dress! Truly fashion as art. Inspired by Degas, perhaps?

I hope you’ve been enjoying the weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

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