I’m working hard on the 2020 Collection of Christmas Stockings. Shooting for debut on Sept. 15.

IT’S A LOT! Gathering the fabrics, designing the groups, cutting and sewing the photo samples. Then we move into styling, photographing and editing. And notice that our fireplace and mantel are completely redecorated for each group.

Trust me, you do NOT want to see our house during photo weeks. And it really does take close to two weeks for all those Christmas stockings.

Naming the groups, loading the pictures and writing the descriptions right here, on the SouthHouseDesigns.com shop pages and on SouthHouseBoutique.com (the Etsy shop).

And then it’s time to organize the studio to start producing the stockings in quantity.

black and white christmas stocking hangin in a white frame on a red door

However, if you are a current South House Stocking Family that is growing and you need an Add-On Christmas Stocking, please order NOW! These Add-On stockings take 3x the amount of time as each one ends up being custom. During the season they carry a $15 surcharge. If you order by Aug. 15, I wave the surcharge.

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Hope you are staying safe and managing to enjoy the remainder of your summer!

With my Merry Best, Diane

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