It really doesn’t take much to take your Christmas stockings from flat to fab:


Whether I am styling my stockings for my home or for my photographs, I use several tricks that I have developed over the years.


Start with the stuffing.

I grab a handful of plastic bags from the bounty in my pantry despite my best efforts to always use my green grocery totes.

Add some weight.

Weight? What?
Yes, you want a bag of weight in the heel to keep the stocking more upright. A handful of florist glass or pebbles tied into one of the grocery bags will work. But if you are using on a door, fill a small bag with sand, flour or rice. The soft weight will keep the stocking from swinging too much AND protect the finish of your door.

I use 2 or 3 bags in the toe and arch.
Drop the weight in the heel.
Then 5 to 7 bags up the leg.

So easy & “free” and makes such a difference.

You can certainly stop here. But, why?

Let’s go for the wow!



Start with the back layer, typically, the tallest of your filler.

Here I used 2 small green picks.


Then for a second layer, I added a bit of color and shine with some beaded picks.



Next is the focal point — or statement piece.

In this case I dry-brushed the tips of a couple of pinecones with a bit of metallic gold paint and tucked them in front.

Don’t forget a name tag!

All done!


Don’t go all Grinch like with the filling!

Have fun with this and let your personal style show.

You can embrace the simple with some clippings from your yard (bundled together with florist wire or tape). Or you can go all out with berries, baubles and bows. Maybe tuck in a small wrapped box as a teaser of what’s to come.

Sooooo many options and here is just a small sampler to get your creative juices flowing:







Of course, this all gets dumped on Christmas Eve to make room for St. Nick and his elves to deposit their bounty of surprises.

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