collage of three Hawaiian shirts customized with dog images

Shhhh! Best Dog Dad Gift Ever (He’ll Love it)

Looking for a great gift for your dog-lovin’ fella? This is the BEST EVER Dog Dad gift — or for mom. (we deserve fun dog loving, too)!

If you’re like me, you’ve spent years helping the kids recognize and celebrate their dad on Father’s Day (and his birthday, and Christmas).

And although he’s not MY dad, I have celebrated what a great father he has always been to our kids.

And at some point you run out of truly great ideas that will really surprise him — and delight him the same way bad puns and dad jokes do. Right?

No Worries – I’ve Got Ya This Year!

This is such a great idea for all those

dog-lovin’ dads,

but also, cat dads

gerbil dads,

how about rabbit dads, perhaps a blueberry loving rabbit named Cannoli?

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Hawaiian Shirt?

Especially A Custom Printed Hawaiian Shirt!

man wearing an Hawaiian shirt with dog faces

image credit: Pet Own Love

I mean, really!

What dog dad wouldn’t love to have his pup’s face peeking out from amongst the flowers and fronds?

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Thanks bunches. Now back to bringing joy to your gift-giving!

What About More Than One Four-Legged Friend?

man wearing an Hawaiian shirt with two different dpgs in the design

Image Source: Pet Own Love

No problem! Load up your whole zoo — with a small extra charge for each.

To Really Celebrate the Dog Dad

If Dad gets to show off his pup(s) Hawaiian style, don’t you think the pups want to show off their Dad, in matching style?

dog wearing a bandana that has a man's face in amongst the flowers

image source: Pet Own Love

Why THESE Shirts & Scarves?

I shopped around! All around!

And this is the brand I chose to order. I liked them best because of:

  • The design — They turn your image into oil-painting-esque art and then carefully position the faces within the florals and fronds. The face become part of the designs (this is what quality looks like), not stickers sitting on top of the designs.
  • Lots of different floral designs — even flamingoes and pineapples!
  • The quality of the fabric — it’s a lightweight batiste which will be cool all Summer with great drape. Not stiff!
  • Multiple Pets are an option
  • Great bandanas — in three sizes.
  • Easy to work with
  • Shipping Included
  • a special 10% discount on all full price items to my followers (Use: DIANEETSYFRIEND code at checkout)!!!
  • Great price for the quality and design extras
  • Etsy Bestseller

Full disclosure: Once I chose this brand, I reached out to see if they would offer a discount to my followers. They agreed to the discount and they gifted a shirt and scarf to me.

This post contains affiliate links which means if you use these links, I may receive a small compensation to help me continue to bring great content to you at no charge.

All opinions are 100% honest and solely mine.

Is Ordering a Custom Shirt Complicated?


graphic showing original jpeg image converted to an oil-painting look, then as part of a shirt design

Step 1) Follow This Link

CLICK HERE to see all the Hawaiian Collection (Human shirts, dog shirts, swim trunks, bandanas). Make your choice.

Step 2) Submit Images

Step 3) Approve Proof

Watch your email! 2 – 3 days after submitting, you will receive a mockup of your design.

NOTE: if they do NOT hear back from you with 24 hours, they will proceed as it per the mocked up.

With my proofs, I didn’t like the way our pup’s face looked once the rest of the image was cut away (my bad) and the bandana had the face of someone I didn’t know (their bad).

But this is the sign of a really great company. Let’s face it, in every company makes happen, it’s how they handle them that makes the difference.

I sent a different pup picture and resent the same one of my husband, saying that I thought someone had mixed up files. Both were taken care of in a blink. And the second set of proofs were perfect.

That’s It!

My Shirt & Scarf are Printed and On Their Way

Easy Peasy, right?

I’ll be sure to update this post when they arrive. I’m just so excited about them, I didn’t want to hold back on you.

Here’s a FUN, Short Video That Might Inspire You

(less than 60 seconds)

video graphic showing the first two pages of the dog dad shirt video with a play button

This Gift Checks ALL my Boxes for Great Gift Giving

(Sadly, that’s hard with gifts for The Hubs)

  • Unique
  • Tailored to the receiver
  • Points to a passion of theirs
  • Not something they would buy themselves
  • Doesn’t bust the budget
  • Something they’ll enjoy, use and/or remember

I hope you found this inspiring! If you go for it — please send me pics and let me know what you think. I may just put together a whole album of “Our Fellas and Their Four-Legged Friends”.

Graphic that says "Pin it to Remember it!" with arrows pointing to the pin
Pinterest pin with image of a little dog next to an Hawaiian shirt with a title: Not typical Fathers Day!

I hope this has inspired you beyond the typical Fathers Day gifts. Look into these shirts if this sounds like something your fella would enjoy. Don’t forget the discount code: DIANEETSYFRIEND

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Susan Chapman Sikes

    I’m definitely doing this! I love it! Can you tell how the sizes run? I can’t find anything about that. I’m so glad you shared this!

    • Diane

      Hi Susan, I found somewhere that they run pretty true to size, Since they are supposed to fit loose I went with a L for the Hubs where recently he’s been wearing Mediums. My shirt has been shipped so I should be able to let you know in the next couple of days.

  2. Maureen

    How much fabric did you order and what pattern did you use? I would love to make this for my husband for Father’s Day.

    • Diane

      Hi Maureen, I did not make the shirt. I ordered it from this company. They print the fabrics and make the shirts. Just click the link (the blue text) listed as step one and it will take you to the shop to order from. Then click on “Hawaiian Collection” and you’ll see all the fabric design choices. Pick your size, decide on a pocket or not and hit “Buy Now”. Then you email them the image of your pet. They handle the rest of it.

      Don’t hesitate with any other questions!!!

  3. Wendy McMonigle

    This is such a cute idea Diane, now I need a sewing machine. Mine has been broken for years. I need your advice on what to buy for the basic sewer.

    • Diane

      Of course Wendy! Love to help! You’re creativity would be out of this world with a sewing machine added to your toolbox!
      But these shirts are made to order. I’m not making the shirt. I just sent the picture of Grittles and let them do the rest,



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