gourds, vintage books and heavy candlehholders arranged on a mantel


What I Can’t Let Go Of:

(just like the NPR Politics podcast on Fridays- minus the “Politics or otherwise” disclaimer.

Publicly, this blog is a politics-free zone, so all musings will be “Otherwise“.)

The incredible beauty of nature — even when it is dying!

And in the case of some, even when it is “dead” and dried, like these gourds.

They are all so unique!

Some are freckled and spotted, some with perfect skin.

Some have thick stems. some very long and thin, some twisted and some, no stem at all.

Of course, we have our favorites, and some are better for one thing, and some are better for others, yet we find value and beauty in them all.

I am reminded that I’m not expected to be good at everything and I may be a bit spotted.

But I have value and everyone I encounter has value too.

I mean if gourds are worthy of this, surely humanity is too!

gourds on a mantel

I hope you feel valued and worthy today and everyday!

On the Blog This Week

Closeup of three "concrete" pinecone nestled in ssome pine needles on a wood breadboard

This last week, I shared all the details of making “concrete” pinecones.

Sing it with me: Deck the halls with concrete baubles, fa la la la la . . . la la la la!

Jump over and see just how fun it is. I used this same technique on a complete fireplace surround, mantel and flue. then I scaled it down to tabletop birdbaths for an outdoor wedding and then to Easter eggs and now pinecones.

Do you have issues with setting a stylish table that also functions well?

Thanksgiving is one of those special dinner gatherings that requires some extra thought and attention. There is so much food, so many dishes, how do you make it all work?

I’ve broken it down with all the best tips for setting a Functional AND Stylish table — with money-saving hints, of course.

closeup of a dried slitted lime holding a place card on a floral plate

Dried ornamental grass and dried flower arrangement on the wall with a mantel below

And I finished out the week with a project I have fallen head over heals about!

I wish you could see it in person! I’m afraid my pictures don’t do it justice!

It’s so impressive, but soooo easy!

Seriously! shockingly easy!!!

Come see what all the buzz is about.

And a How-To video too.

The week just flew by I was so busy.

Now I’m off to my studio (thank goodness the commute is so easy — right across the hall and down two steps from my office) where I’m going to crank up the Christmas tunes and craft gorgeous Christmas Stockings for my wonderful Stocking Families!

Coming Up Next Week

I’m working on some Christmas tree tricks and tips.

And I need to ship 100 Christmas stockings this week!

Stocking Spotlight

3 coordinating yet unique Christmas stockings are hanging from a mantel. Blue birch slice name tags hang from the top of three buttons on each cuff

Is your family the matching-Christmas-PJ kind of family?

Then these may be the perfect stockings for you!

Matching family stockings in Santa’s favorite colors. The feet are a fun woven pattern that’s a blend of buffalo plaid and houndstooth. Twelve different combinations tto choose from.

(If you are one of the hundreds who bought my Jolly Jubilee or Pop of Plaid Christmas stockings through Wayfair, these will blend right in)

Top notch unique fabrics paired with my persnickety detailing and workmanship — the trademarks of South House Designs Christmas stockings

And those fabulous name tags can be found in Jane’s great Etsy shop

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

Happy weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit, my valued and worthy friend!

As I said before, I would greatly appreciate your feedback, any special requests, or questions you have.

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