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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

This newsletter is a day late because I had a super busy day.

A Magical Escape in Kansas City

This week, I can’t stop thinking about a truly heartwarming experience I had with some family yesterday. We celebrated a special birthday with a delicious brunch, followed by something truly unique: “Escape From Oz”!

Imagine a mashup of your favorite escape room with a classic scavenger hunt.

That’s the magic of this app-based adventure that took us all over the beautiful Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Hundreds of people, from all walks of life, showed up, some in their best Wizard of Oz costumes, ready to conquer the challenge.

The real joy came from witnessing the connections formed throughout the day. Diverse groups, young and old, families and friends, all working together, laughing, and supporting each other.

One particularly heartwarming scene involved a young woman pushing her grandmother in a wheelchair. They’d stop for shade, decipher clues on the phone, and strategize together – a heartwarming display of intergenerational bonding.

Even the competitive spirit fostered connections. A group of young kids by the fountain excitedly asked Dorothy and her companions (another participating team) for a picture.

It was a delightful reminder that sometimes, the greatest adventures bring us closer, not just to our goals, but to each other

YouTube is a great way to share info, ideas and laughs. But sometimes what we want to share is a small snippet buried within a much longer video.

In this week’s tip, I solve that frustration for you!

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On the Blog This Week

two thick wood shelves are shown mounted to the walls holding a candle, small plants, diffuser sticks and a wire basket

The One Room Challenge is over.

Did you miss the Reveal? That’s okay you can still marvel at the transformation. 😉

We did so much diy in this small space, that I carried a bonus build into this week.

You won’t believe what I used for those unique, modern shelf brackets.

I’m crazy about these shelves.

And you can make some too!

Five women's headshots with their signatures under the title: Shopping With Friends -- so much better than alone

It’s the first Saturday of the month, so that means “The Girls” have gathered together to share their favorite finds with you.

closeup of hammered glass picture with fruit slices floating in the water

This gorgeous, but very budget friendly pitcher — AGAIN!

Wow! Three months running, this is your favorite! Not surprised though — it checked all my boxes and is a great pitcher!

I’m shocked at how hard it was to find a glass pitcher with a wide mouth for better cleaning and a lid. There is actually three different styles of this one pitcher to choose from.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. So I’m focused on celebrating The Hubs — the very best Dad I know!!

Of course something personal is best, and what can be more personal than a special shirt that celebrates the man and his dog.

These Hawaiian Shirts custom printed with our dog’s face peeking out behind the flowers is simply beyond.

And he LOVES the reaction he gets when he wears it, particularly when our Grittles wears his bandana with the Hubs face peeking out from the flowers.

You may have to pay a bit extra to get it in time for Father’s Day, but it is so worth it. This company is amazing. Follow the above link, and you’ll also receive a 10% discount with my code.

Image of a dog and an Hawaiian shirt with a title: What Does Dad Want?

product shot of a griddle with the lid up

Does your fella enjoy grilling?

But he’d really love to take the grill to the fun, AND be able to grill just about anything, eggs, pancakes, stir fry, etc?

He can with this Blackstone Griddle!

This is the best one — good size but still portable.

Trust me, you want one with a hood!

Speaking of outdoor living, do you have a Solo Stove yet? (They’re on sale right now)

I know I had this for Mom. But Dad might enjoy it even more.

What makes them so great?

Smokeless — much better for the environment and better for the fire sitters. No more jumping around to avoid the smoke, stinging eyes and all the rest.

I don’t know a mom or dad who doesn’t love gathering their family in a circle telling stories and maybe singing a few songs!

There’s lots of great accessories too!

image of a bronze colored Solo stove with smokeless fire roaring from the top

product shot of a white portable Sonos speaker standing on end

And how’s his music setup for being everywhere he is?

Sonos is my favorite for growing an all around sound system.

Speakers for every situation that all work together — and with amazing sound quality.

And Summer requires these portable ones.

Does Dad enjoy a bit of mixology?

Is so, then he’ll love some special ice cube trays to elevate his cocktails to the victory podium!

There’s of course the standard cube and sphere, but how about this faceted one, and this one and this prism cube!

product images of two different mice cube trays

  • I have very short legs and as a result I prefer lighter colored sandals – think tan or pink. These flip flops are affordable, a great color and offer extra support. (Because that’s what you need when you are over the age of 50)
  • I gave these humming bird feeders to my MIL. They are a great price, easy to clean and you get a pack of two. An added bonus- if a bear climbs on your back porch and runs away with your humming bird feeder – no need to fret over the loss of something super valuable.
  • This Igloo cooler on wheels is adorable. It’s also super affordable.
  • Have you heard of Apple Air Tags? They are little gps chips you can attach to items you don’t want to lose. If you have an Iphone, you can see where the air tag is located. We have them on our dogs. You could use them for your keys, backpacks, purse, wallet, pets and more. It could be a great Father’s Day gift too.
  • If you decide to buy an Air Tag, then you might appreciate this pack of two Air Tag cases for less than $7.00

I’m heading on a road trip for a girl’s retreat. One of the things I need to do is organize my car.

You might want to do the same for upcoming summer trips or just trips to the beach.

  • The first thing I want to do is to have solutions to organize all the things I need in my car. The first thing is this truck organizer. I also need something to corral garbage. Lastly, I want something to hang my purse behind my seat.
  • I also want to make sure that I have the things that I need for an emergency. I’ve got first-aid kit, a real map, and jumper cables.
  • A good umbrella is also something that is great to have handy in your car.
  • Lastly, I’ve tried a lot of cell phone holders and this one has really good ratings.

  • I’m still fluffing up our porch and outdoor spaces for the summer. Last year I realized our outdoor pillows were pretty sad. So this year I went ahead and bought some bright, happy pillow covers. Boy, do they give everything a happy punch! I chose a variety of different colored plaids with some square and some rectangle. They’re a great way to give a fresh boost to your outdoor spaces. You can find them HERE. (fyi-they come in a 2 pack;)
  • Our adult kiddos are loving THIS new-to-us game. The illustrations are beautiful; each card is a different bird. I haven’t tried it yet, but they’re assuring me I will like it. Great gift idea for Dad and a fun way to spend those cabin evenings. If you’ve played it, did you know there are expansion packs now, too?
  • Fake grass-yes, it’s artificial turf in a roll. I used it for an artistic project and am now thinking of all the decorative ways it can be used! Whether you simply cut a square or rectangle of it and use it as a runner, or install it in a frame like we will be doing for our summer wedding, it’s a great bang for the buck as summer decor! You can find a roll of it HERE. (simply cut it on the back with a utility knife to desired size)
  • Our patio chairs also needed a little sprucing up. First I scrubbed them up and then put fresh new outdoor fabric on the seats. It’s such an easy job if you have a reliable electric stapler. I’ve used some flaky ones in the past, but I was so impressed with how well THIS staple gun worked. Such a handy tool to have around.

I am so glad you joined us. I hope gathered many snippets of shopping inspiration and advice, and maybe even stretched your budget a bit with some good deals.

Please let me know if YOU found something special this week. Send me a link and I just might share it with everyone next week.

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  1. Anna Price

    Hi Diane – I love the portable Black Stone Grill and the Sono speaker. It’s such a luxury to be able to sit outside in the evenings. Oh and your makeover was eye popping! Always fun to shop with you!

    • Diane

      You are so right — being outside is a luxury. It is often overlooked.


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