Super closeup of how. three tapers can appear as decorative candles when bundles together

How to Turn Taper Candles Into 3 Wick Decorative Candles

Here’s how to perform a little magic with decorative candles, where three tapers become one better, brighter, cheaper pillar candle.

Ever need a quick and easy way to add candlelight to a seasonal display or to a tablescape?

But you don’t want to spend a bunch of money, and ouch, pillar candles can be so expensive! But a single taper just isn’t enough.

Are you like me? Looking for ways to

Minimize Spending but Maximize Impact

I’m glad you’re here. Have a seat and let’s talk candles on our way to becoming best buds!

A wood mantel is covered in green pine branches with pinecones attached. Down the length of the mantel are 23 mismatched brass candlesticks holding a mix of burgundy and vintage gold battery operated candles

Don’t get me wrong, I love a mass gathering of taper candles! (This mantel was from last year’s Burgundy and Gold Christmas stocking display).

But . . .

  • sometimes there isn’t room enough for a large mass
  • sometimes individual tapers can be a bit “wimpy”, a bit underwhelming
  • sometimes I’m looking for bigger impact
  • pillar candles can be expensive
  • And sometimes, the impact I want is not from bigger candle, but from bigger light!

So let’s solve every one of those issues with one easy trick you’ll use over and over again!

Here’s How to Turn Taper Candles Into 3-Wick Dcecorative Candles — or Candle Bundles

It may sound wacky. But me a minute, and I’ll have you believing.

Three vintage gold battery operated taper candles are lit and standing in a glass bowl filled with sand

Use three tapers as one pillar!

It’s as simple as that and you can cross those issues right off your list:

  • Doesn’t require a lot of room
  • has beefy weight
  • definitely is an attention grabber
  • way less expensive that pillar candles
  • three times the candlelight

Simplest Version

Above I simply added play sand to a heavy glass bowl and pushed the flameless candles down into the sand varying their heights.

Easy peasy. Fresh and minimal.

Beautiful with a subtle flicker to the flames. Plus easy because they are remote controlled.

Being flameless and remote controlled makes them the perfect solution for that long mantel where a step stool would have been required otherwise as well as having the base buried in sand.

Turn Your Taper Candles into 3-Wick Decorative Candles That Perfectly Match Your Style

Select a Container and Filler-

A bundle of three white taper candles are held together with twine tied in a small bow. Then they are held upright by florist foam tucked inside a concrete urn
A bundle of three taper candles are held with a rubber band down low and then tucked into a concrete urn filled with aquarium gravel.

Shop your house for an interesting vessel to hold your candles. Think about a vase, a planter, or urn, pitcher, or maybe an interesting bowl or box. Have fun with this!

Then fill your vessel with something that will hold your candles upright. Here I used a block of florist foam carved to fit tight in the planter on the left. With a knife a carved out holes for the candles.

The urn on the right, I filled 2/3 with leftover aquarium gravel. Then I placed my candle bundle and while holding it upright, I added the remaining gravel. You can also use sand or dried beans or rice.

Bundle Your Three Wicks into One Faux Pillar Candle-

Gather three candles. They don’t have to be the same color, they don’t have to be the same diameter. But if they are candles with a flame, do to the heat, you will need to bundle them together so the flames are at the same height.

Tie them together down low with a rubber band if you’ll be hiding it, or with the decorative tie of your choice.

Time To Make Your Unique Decorative Candles-

Now you can really express your style!

Bundle of three taper candles in an urn with preserved moss filling the top of the urn and the rubberband.

Start by covering the filler. I chose a preserved moss for my filler in both of these examples. It just pairs so well with the concrete of the vessels.

Closeup of Bundle of three tapers lit in a concrete planter surrounded with moss and a variety of succulents

You can stop right there if that’s your style. Or you can embellish further to match the decor or the rest of the tablescape or the event theme you might have going on.

Trio of taper candles lit in a concrete urn surrounded by moss and small wood slices

Here I sprinkled some small branch slices in the pot and on the table. Those are super simple to make with a branch from the yard and a miter saw.

closeup of three tapers in a concrete urn surrounded by moss and bronze painted lima beans

Do you recognize what those are floating amid the moss?

Lima beans! Yes, lima beans I spray painted as an accent for our Thanksgiving table.

Keep an eye out for posts coming shortly all about our Wedsgiving weekend. Yes, our daughter’s wedding was this last Thanksgiving weekend.

See, I told you it was one simple trick — bundling three taper candles together to get even more impact than a pillar candle.

WARNING: YES, like all candles, just like you would any open flames in your centerpieces, keep an eye on these candles if you are going to use a flammable tie and surround the base with other flammable items (like dried moss).

This is why I use only the flameless, battery operated candles upstairs while we and our guests are all hanging out downstairs. These flameless, remote controlled candles with an outer skin of real wax — stunning.

Remember: Three Are Better, Brighter and Cheaper than One

Lit Candle Bundles surrounded byu moss and succulents in a concrete urn

Candlelight glow isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.

It spreads warmth and relaxation. It marks a meal as special and reminds us to slow down and savor that time together.

So let’s magnify that glow times three!

Pin this on a special board to remind yourself to light some candles and stop and relish the glow.

Pin it to your:

Tablescape Board

Your Centerpiece Board

Your Entertaining Board

Your Decor Accessories Board

Or Maybe you have a Candle Board.

And yes, your Valentine’s Board

Pinterest Pin featuring a bundle of tapers surrounded by dry moss and succulents in a concrete planterin a concrete

Let those romantic candles glow, three times brighter!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Thank you for warming my heart every time you visit here, every time you leave me a comment, ask me a question, send a friend this direction. It means more than I can express!

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane

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