Shopping: it’s a rollercoaster, baby! 

One minute you’re strutting out of the store with the perfect outfit, feeling like a million bucks. The next, you’re drowning in a sea of clothes, questioning your life choices and debating if anyone truly needs that many pairs of shoes. 

We’ve all been there, right? The struggle is real!

And this is just the fashion side of life. There’s more!

Decorating your home: it’s a love-hate relationship, wouldn’t you say? You scroll through Pinterest boards filled with dreamy living rooms, swooning over the perfect throw pillows and that statement lamp. Then, reality hits. You wander the aisles of endless décor stores, overwhelmed by choices and unsure if that throw pillow will actually clash with your rug. Sound familiar? 

But hold on, fashion warriors and fellow home enthusiasts, before you declare shopping your mortal enemy, hear me out. 

What if I told you there was a way to make shopping actually fun? An easy  way to save time, snag amazing deals, and discover hidden gems, all while looking effortlessly fabulous, sipping a sublime new found tea on your perfectly pulled together porch.

Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the world of LTK and unlock the secrets to a stress-free, budget-friendly shopping experience you never knew existed!

YIPPEE: You’re just in time for a special LTK sale coming up, March 8 -11. The details are the bottom of the post — be sure not to miss this!!!


So What Is This Magical LTK?

LTK comes from the most asked question or comment to all Content Creators and Influencers: I’d Like To Know __________ fill in the blank. Yep, it’s true! To Know the source, the color, the brand, etc.

True story: I’m sharing all the details on how I added legs and painted that old dresser to use as a great new sideboard and the first question: I’d like to know where I can find that rug. So the shopping side app was named app.

At the same time, Content Creators are working full time and trying to figure out how to monetize what they’re doing to pay the bills and feed their families. So as the side curating selections and offering great insight and advice, they became the Reward Style side — a way to monetize (or reward) their style, expertise, talent and effort.

About 13 years ago, Amber, 23 at the time, co-founded (for shoppers) and Reward Style (for the Creators). They were jointly rebranded in 2021 as LTK.

And that concludes our history lesson: The Origin Story of LTK.

LTK is like your secret shopping superpower. It brings together your favorite creators, the ones you trust for their advice and style, so you can get personalized recommendations and shop with confidence. It will also notify you of sales on your favorited items. How can you go wrong?

Do You Prefer Video?

No Worries! I’ve got ya covered. Click the image below.

You Tube Video cover with a youtube play button

What Does LTK Do?

In a nutshell, it solves dilemmas for three different groups of people!

The LTK Universe is a vibrant ecosystem brimming with possibilities, where four key players come together to create a magical shopping experience:

1. Matchmaker Extraordinaire: LTK

Think of LTK as your personal shopping cupid, connecting brands with creators who share their passion for specific styles and items

 and facilitating the entire shopping journey. They provide the ltk platform and tools for creators to showcase products and for shoppers to discover them.

2. The Vast Product Galaxy: Brands & Retailers

From established giants to hidden gems, brands and retailers offer the vast array of products that fuel the LTK universe. They’re constantly innovating and curating incredible items, ready to be discovered by you. By partnering with LTK, they gain access to a massive network of potential customers through the platform’s creators.

3. Your Cast of Everyday Superheroes: Creators & Influencers

These are the real people you know and trust, offering their honest opinions, styling tips, and genuine excitement for the products they feature. They curate collections, share their experiences, and become your guides through the vast product galaxy.

4. You, the Hero of the Story, the One We’re All Rooting For: Shoppers

You are the heart of the LTK Universe! You get to explore, discover, and find inspiration from the curated collections and insights provided by your favorite creators.  You can discover new brands, find inspiration, and ultimately, make informed purchasing decisions.

The Symbiotic Cycle: A Win-Win-Win for Everyone

  1. Brands & Retailers: Gain access to a targeted audience of potential customers through relevant creators.
  2. Creators & Influencers: Share their love for products, earn commissions, and connect with their audience.
  3. LTK: Facilitates connections and fosters a thriving shopping community.
  4. Shoppers: Discover amazing products, get inspired, and make informed purchases.

There are two different LTK apps

the icons of the two LTK apps shown side by side

As a shopper, you will use the white LTK app. The black LTK Creator app is used by the Content Creators to add posts and products to their shops.

AND the apps and using the apps cost you NOTHING! Yes, This is FREE! There are absolutely no fees to any of this for the shoppers.

Real-Life LTK Example: Family Game Night Upgrade!

Perhaps, you want to find the perfect game for your next family game night?

Enter the magic of LTK! Hoping to find a recommendation for a new game for your family of adult children, you head to your LTK home page where posts from your trusted creators appear..

man smiling while looking intently at a tower of wobbling game pieces

Suddenly, you spot a game you initially thought was geared towards younger kids, but wait… there it is, being enthusiastically played by a family with adult children!

Intrigued, you click on the creator’s video link (that’s me!), where you see a video of my family playing it with my brief caption saying how much we enjoy it, but wish I had bought the larger version. Liking what you see, you can then choose between two buttons; one of the exact set and one of the recommended larger set. Each button seamlessly takes you directly to each product page on Amazon. The best part? You pay the exact same price ($19) whether you click through my LTK link or dig through Amazon yourself. No hidden costs, just pure convenience and helpful recommendations.

By choosing to use my link, you’re not just getting a fantastic new game for your family game night, you’re also supporting my small business! Every click and purchase through my LTK links helps me keep creating valuable content and sharing awesome finds with you.

This is the beauty of the LTK ecosystem: a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. You gain access to trusted recommendations, creators earn recognition and financial support, and brands reach a wider audience.

So, the next time you’re looking for something special, whether it’s a new game, a stylish outfit, or the perfect home decor piece, don’t forget to check out LTK! You might just discover your next favorite product, all while supporting the creators you trust.

I sincerely thank you for your trust and for supporting my small business!

Need to save this info for another time? I get it! Be sure to pin this to remember it:

Pin showing the progression from a Creator's video to the product order page

How Can You Save Time with LTK?

Every Content Creator or Influencer in the LTK World has their own LTK Shop, sometimes called profile page

Discover trusted product recommendations-

Within the LTK app, by following your favorite Influencers and Content Creators, you are creating your own personal shopping squad. It curates recommendations from creators you know and trust, making it easy to find the perfect pieces for your home, all without the shopping headaches. 

You can even ask the Creator a question about the product!

The shops you follow are the first ones you are shown. There’s no algorithm twisting things around on you. 

Shop curated collections-

Your favorite shops within LTK will probably have their shops organized into collections so things are easier to find. Just like your local Target or Nordstrom, the collections might be arranged by product categories, or by designer, or by occasion, or even by color. Each shop has its own search bar that will filter the products within that shop. And LTK has a general search bar to explore and filter even more LTK shops. 

On your home page, LTK shows you content from shops you choose to follow. Although once in a while you might see a trending shop shared with you. Of course to expand beyond the shops you know, you can search across LTK using keywords, interests, hashtags, etc. But it is not overrun with algorithms taking over.

Easy product discovery-

 Influencers on Instagram and other socials will more and more have the outfit they’re wearing or the products they’re using or their home decor in LTK posts in their shops. You’ll know this by the #ltk #ltkshop #ltkunder50, etc. etc in their caption or descriptions. That simply is telling you they have shoppable content.

Most Bloggers, have a collage of the products at the end of their blog post and many of the text links in the body of a blog post may be LTK affiliate links.

On their websites and in their Instagram profiles you will typically see a button like “To my LTK Shop” or similar wording. 

view of app on iPhone showing what the homepage looks like

When you see these clues, click over to their shop and they will automatically be added to your “Creators you follow” list across the top of your home page.

Gather Your Favorites in One Spot-

It’s exhausting to run from store to store and second guess how an item from one might work with an item from another. Even if you’e shopping online, there’s a limit on how many windows you can effectively have open in the given bandwidth — your mind’s and your computer’s. 

LTK makes this easy. While discovering new products and and visiting your favorite shops, click the heart icon when you see something you like. Now you can save it to a collection of your own favorite items. Think of the possibilities: Planning a vacation?Planning a wedding? Building a capsule wardrobe. 

It’s all so much easier when you can visually see things together.

How Can You Save Money with LTK?

First off, if you save time you save money, right?

But there are more specific ways:

In App Sales-

This brings me too why I am writing this post for you NOW. There is a large in-app sale March 8 -11 (2024). You must have the LTK app to take advantage of this sale.

There are 11 retailers participating and the discounts are generally site wide — a few specific brand exclusions that we’re all used to.

I LOVE my Tarte cosmetics. Tarte will be 30% off site wide + free shipping. That’s just one example. More on the sale further down this post.

Access to exclusive deals-

Some Influencers will periodically have exclusive discount codes available through the LTK app.

LTK’s influencer marketing is very organized 

Sales Alert Tool- 

When you are looking at products and see something you are considering, tap the heart icon to save it. And now you’ll get personalized Sale, Promo, and Price Drop Notifications.

Informed purchasing decisions- 

When someone you trust is reviewing or demonstrating a product for you, you are so much better informed than a large store and sometimes the brand itself. 

Back to game night. I bought the 48-pc game. There was a time or two we ran out of pieces. I wish I had spent the extra 2 dollars on the 64-pc size. So I mention that and also offer the link to the large size,

Many bloggers may offer high-low versions for a similar look. Oftentimes, you may discover the you will be just as happy (maybe more) with the lower priced option you didn’t know existed.

Ready? Let’s Get You Started Shopping the LTK Way!

Sign up-

Easy Peasy, I promise! And it’s free, completely, 100%. 

From a laptop:


mockup of an TK shop on a laptop with a red circle around the Sign Up

Now click “Sign Up” in the top right corner

Enter an email that you use frequently. You don’t want to miss the sale alerts!

Create a password and continue.

Once you have your account, head to your app store: Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get the LTK white background app for your  mobile devices.

Sign in with the same email and password.

All your devices will be linked and you can access all your favorites, your collections, your sale alerts across devices.

NOTE: You can start with the app store and then add the laptop if you prefer. I just find this order a bit easier.

Now for the fun — and to be productive with your time spent shopping.

Where To Start?

1) Start With Creators-

Start with your favorite Creators, some you follow on various social channels and maybe some you follow on their blogs. You can search by their names using the search line at the top of your screen.

Focus on those that have a similar style and that seem to live in the same budget range as you.

Once you have some Creators you follow, their posts will populate auto-magically on your home page (personally, I find these easiest to go through on my laptop).

If you click on a Creator, you will jump to their shop and just their posts exclusively and associated products will be there. In the mobile app, you can filter their posts by brands and/or media (video vs. image).

Bit About Posts-

On your home page, your followed Creators’ posts will all be intermingled chronologically, with the most recent on the top.

Posts can be a static picture of a single product, a collage of multiple related products, a video about a product, a video showing how to style a product (like below), etc.

Three mobile mockups of  LTK Shopping showing a faux fern from video to order page on Amazon

If there is a Post you want to save, click the heart on the vertical grey bar. Now it is in your Favorite Posts List.

Notice the speech bubble. Click there to leave a question or comment for the Creator.

There is also the download icon in the vertical grey bar you can use to share this post to your socials, in a text message in an email, etc.

When you first click on the post, the products will appear beside or below the posts. Then you can click on the product image to learn more about it and if you want more details and/or to purchase the product, click the “shop now” button.

2) Start Finding Products You Like-

Scroll through the Creators you have favorited. As you find products they recommend that you want to save, click the heart — the heart by the specific product like the red circled one above.

Now they are in your Favorite Products List.

Once you have some Favorite Products, You can start making Wish Lists.

3) Organize Your Favorite Products-

Now this is where I find LTK the most helpful!!!

Click Favorites on the bottom menu bar.

three cell phone mock-ups showing the three different lists of favorites

You have three different lists of favorites. All the products you have “hearted”, all the posts you have “hearted” and all the Wishlists you have made. To see each one, click on it’s name along the top to activate it.

Notice the top product is the green fern we just saved from our most recent favorite post.

Now let’s save that fern to a list. Start by clicking the three stacked dots next to the product.

Four cell phone mockups showing the process of making an LTK Wishlist

A menu will pop up at the bottom. Select the middle option.

You’ll see all your lists to choose from. If you want to start a new list for this product, click “Create List” at the bottom.

Now type in the name you want to give this new list. Tap “Create Wishlist”.

And now you see the new list with the fern in it.

Ideas For Wishlists

-Planning a capsule wardrobe for a trip- Find images of items that are close to what you already own and plan to take. Then add in favorited items to see how they all work together. Take out duplicates, Narrow down, find voids that need filling,

-Share renovation plans- Yes, I’m excitedly pulling together ideas for a nursery for our first grandchild. This is a great way to collaborate with our daughter who lives hundreds of miles away (frequent flyer miles, here I come).

-Planning gift buying- I am always stumbling across items that I think would be great for my special peeps, but then I can’t remember what or where I found when the time comes. No more! I’m making wishlists for giving.

-Home Decor- Even when I’m not collaborating, this is one of the best ways to organize all the things I want for a room makeover or refresh.

-Event planning- meet your newest event planner

-Holiday decor- Speaking of events! I’ll be using this to gather ideas, sources and executing my holiday decor plans. Especially with the sale alert function.

Now For The BIG Sale

How the sale works: During the sale, you need to shop from within the app. Click on my sale posts to go to each store, when you want to purchase from the store, you will receive a discount code to apply to that store. The discount codes will not be released until the sale starts.

To Start:

  • Sign-up!
  • Download the app and become familiar with how it works, play with it, see how it works
  • Start favoriting some Creators.
  • Then favorite some posts
  • Favorite some product

Now the you have an understanding of LTK, start browsing through these 11 retailers.

Note the items you’re interested in.

Then check back with me on the 8th for the discount codes. I’ll have them all posted for you. You’ll be able to grab the code and hit the stores.

So what do you think? Are ready to power up your shopping to a whole new level.

FAQ: How Much of My Information Is Shared?

The only thing the Creators can see is how many are following us. We do not even see who!

Our analytics include cumulative number of view, clicks, sold etc. but not by whom!!!

And yes, the links in this post are affiliate links which means if you purchase something after using my link, I may receive a small commission. You pay nothing extra. Oodles of thanks for using my links when possible.

I hope this has been helpful for you!

round image of Diane smiling next to a Signature that reads: With Joy, Diane


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