Wide Closeup of a Fall accent of wood leaf, mini velvet pumpkin, a bronzed acorn and raffia attached to tightly woven basket

Don’t Miss This Easy Spot to Add

An Unexpected Touch of Fall!

Such an easy way to add a touch of Fall! Fun, unexpected, inexpensive, personalize to your style, quick & easy — sounds perfect, right?

If you’re like me, you love adding little touches of Fall to your home. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas! Well, I’ve got an easy and unexpected spot for you to try. Keep reading to find out where…

Well, perhaps not so much where . . . .

. . . . . more like what.

As in almost anyplace that has baskets and bins on open shelves, or baskets on top of the hutch, or under the console table.

Think about it, do you have a wall of baskets organizing [or more like hiding] all the “important stuff” on the built-ins in the living room or family room. Are you lucky enough the have a butler’s pantry with a row of bins on an open shelf? Or even, bins in cubbies in your mudroom or entry?

Tall, narrow "entertaining zone" next to a refrigerator with platters, wine glasses above three baskets on pull out shelves

This is the “entertaining zone” in our kitchen — an odd narrow and deep sliver of space beside the fridge. Those three bottom shelves are pullouts with IKEA baskets holding the snack dishes we use most when entertaining.

It’s perfectly fine as is. But I’ve always thought it would be a great spot for a little something extra. An extra spot to make us and our guests smile. A place to honor the seasons.

Are you thinking:

How can I make my house feel more like Fall?

Answer: Add some fun Fall accents to one side of these exposed bins and baskets! It’s the surprise of them that adds to the fun.

Of course, when you add your own style, it’s even more special.

If my kids were still little and at home with mudroom cubbies, I’d have them each paint a wood pumpkin plaque from the Dollar Tree for their own cubbies.

Here’s a simple pumpkin tag that Missy at Sonata Home Design hung on her kitchen canisters.

Pumpkin shaped tag with leather cord hanging on the top of a glass canister

Before we get into how to make some Fall Basket labels or tags of your own, please consider pinning this to your:

“Fall Decor” Board

“Fall” Board

“Little Touches” Board

“Baskets & Bins” Board

or any board that makes sense to you.

Or to be safe, pin to every board ?!

Title Graphic: 'Pin It Now" with three arrows
Pin with closeup of Fall accents on a basket with title of "All the Fall Feels"

How To Make Fall Accents For Your Baskets or Bins:

For Fall, think leaves, sunflowers, acorns, and pumpkins of course! Raffia and jute twine and plaid ribbons are all great. Gather a cluster of your favorite things, tie them together with some thin wire to hold and attach to your basket or bin with the tails of that wire.

Concerned you have bins instead of baskets? Thinking wire won’t work in my case? No worries! I have suggestions for those at the end of the how-to’s for you.

Bundle of wood leaf with a bronzed acorn, a mini velvet pumpkin and some raffia wired together and onto a basket

These are the supplies I used. But the fun is customizing for your home, your style! Please deviate to your heart’s content!

Supplies laid out on a wood table: bundle of raffia, wood leaves, velvet pumpkins, bronzed acorns, paddle of wire


  • Mini velvet pumpkins
  • Wooden leaf
  • Foraged acorn
  • Raffia
  • thin wire


  • Wire cutters or tin snips

Step 1) Attach Raffia to Wood Leaf-

Hand holding one wood leaf with a small bundle of raffia wired on the stem in a bow shape

For me, my base is one of the wood leaves I separated from the branch.

Then I wrapped five strands of raffia held together around the width of my four fingers, clasped this bundle of raffia in the middle and then tightly wrapped with thin wire at the stem of the leaf.

Step 2) Attach the Pumpkin and Acorn-

Woman's hand holding one mini velvet pumpkin that was carefully pulled off a branch of many small pumpkins

Carefully pull one pumpkin from the stem of many pumpkins. Pull from the wire in the bottom of the pumpkin, not the pumpkin stem or the pumpkin itself.

HINT: I started with the bottom-most ones, so the top half of the stem of pumpkins can be used elsewhere in the kitchen Fall decor.

Womans fingertips holding an acorn with a stem attached to its cap.
Woman's fingertips holding the acorn with a piece of wire wrapped around the stem

Now pick an acorn from your foraged stash. Make sure to pick one that still has its stem securely attached. I had painted these with a champagne gold metallic paint last Fall and they’ll work beautifully here too.

Closeup of the wood leaf with the raffia, pumpkin and acorn all wired together

Secure all the elements together with wire. You can even add some hot glue if you find it necessary or easier.

Bring two end of the wire around to the back. Or add another piece of wire if your ends are not long enough.

Three Fall Basket Tags are assembled and waiting on a wood table

STYLE TIP: Notice how I changed up the three different Fall Basket Labels or Basket Tags. I prefer a bit of variety so they don’t look like they just came off an automated assembly line.

I made one with two acorns, so I gave it a smaller pumpkin. For the other two, I alternated the position of the pumpkin and acorn. It’s a simple trick, but makes such a difference when you have a row or column of the same item. Don’t make them exactly the same!

Are you enjoying this little welcome to Fall? Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing:

Step 3) Attach Your Fall Accent to Your Basket-

Closeup of the wire from the basket label threading through the weave of the basket

These are tightly woven baskets, so I used a pretty fine wire, 28 gauge.

The Fall accents don’t weigh much, so one time through the weave and a twist the wires is all I needed. Next, I just tucked the wires down inside the basket and done!

Bundle of wood leaf with a bronzed acorn, a mini velvet pumpkin and some raffia wired together and onto a basket

Bins Instead of Baskets?

If you have solid bins that wire would not work well with, think about sewing a button in the center, an inch or so below the top on the inside. Then for each season you can hang a tag around the button and over the top to the outside. And when it’s not decorated, there is no sign of anything missing.

If your bin is wood or plastic, consider attaching a button with a flat shank back with a strong adhesive to the inside.

Look at the Difference a Little Touch of Fall Makes-

Tall, narrow "entertaining zone" next to a refrigerator with platters, wine glasses above three baskets on pull out shelves
Same kitchen "zone" but with Fall accents on the baskets

Aren’t they just the sweetest? I love the subtlety and the mix of textures!

In another room, I would have used rich oranges and reds and copper. Go for what feels right to you!

Three Fall Basket Tags are assembled and waiting on a wood table

Happy cozying up for Fall!

And while you’re thinking about Fall, be sure to check out my lazy gardener tip for making your post Fall ready, and my favorite Fall wreath ever, my two favorite pumpkins to make here and here.

I hope you’re inspired to add some seasonal dressing to those baskets and bins that reside out in the open. And please send me pics of what you chose for your basket tags.

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Missy

    Your fall leaves tags are adorable! They are perfect for your baskets and really bring in a fall vibe! Thank you so much for including my project. I think we are excited for fall!

  2. Barbara at Mantel and Table

    That IS brilliant Diane! So pretty, and as you say, a lovely little surprise for you and your guests! Thanks gor the great ideas and tutorial.

  3. Renae

    Super cute! I love it. Happy Fall!

    • Diane

      That’s so kind of you Renae! Happy Fall to you too!!!

  4. Cindy

    Such a nice touch of fall Diane!

    • Diane

      Thanks Cindy, I truly appreciate you!!!

  5. Donna Allen

    This is such a fabulous idea! It’s so simple but it makes a huge impact! I have those same blue velvet pumpkins already, so I see a DIY coming soon! Pinning now! Happy day, Donna

  6. Meagan

    super cute and easy to do!

    • Diane

      Thanks Meagan! They are so easy!

  7. Cindy@CountyRoad407

    I would have never thought to decorate my bins but I love the idea! Thank you for linking up on Farmhouse Friday. I’m featuring you this week. Happy Fall! pinned

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Cindy! You just truly made my day!!! Thanks for hosting such a welcoming and fun link party!

  8. Cara

    Very cute idea to sprinkle a bit of fall throughout your home so simple and easy too! Those are my favorite kind of projects.
    Thank you for hosting Fab Friday Link Party.

    • Diane

      Thanks Cara — we are on the same project page!

  9. kim

    This is so cute! I love how subtle it is

    • Diane

      Thanks bunches Kim! I love a little unexpected surprise in my seasonal decorrating.

  10. Rachel Harper

    These are such cute ideas. I’m going to share a link on my Sunday, Dirt Road adventures.

    • Diane

      Oh, thanks so much Rachel. I truly appreciate that!!!

  11. Anna

    Hi Diane – This is such an easy way to decorate for fall. Even better, you can use these items the following year and they don’t take up much space. Thank you for participating in the Home Imagined link party! Pinned.

  12. Cindy

    Sharing this post in my weekly round-up tomorrow Diane! Love your touches of fall!

    • Diane

      Oh thanks so much my friend! I appreciate the share!!!



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