Closeup of two mesh tubing pumpkins with faux leaves  on a washed linen table runner

Cute Pumpkin Decorations

From Mesh Tubing

It’s so easy to make these pumpkin decorations from cheap mesh tubing from Dollar Tree. Brighten your Fall decor, your Fall tablescape or gift a friend.

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Happy pumpkin time, again!!!

Sorry, not really, but I just can’t help myself. I seem to be all about the pumpkins this year! And I have another pumpkin decoration tutorial for you.

Do you remember last week when I shared these adorable mini metal pumpkins made from Dollar Tree finds?

You missed it? Quick! Jump over to take a look at them. It’s okay, we’ll save your place here.

Aren’t they the cutest?

Well, today I have another Dollar Tree pumpkin craft! Think of them as the big cousins to the mini metal pumpkins.

A larger bronze mesh pumpkin beside a smaller, orange mesh pumpkin on a washed linen table runner with candlestick behind

These fellas are bigger and can grow even bigger, taller, smaller, squattier (oops, not a word? hmmm. We’re going with it anyway). You decide.

They’re perfect for vignettes, for tablescapes, to tuck in a bookshelf, add to the coffee table, perhaps to add a colorful nod to Fall on the kitchen island, in the guest bath.


Let’s up the pumpkin decor. Less is more? Ha! I’m in the More-is-Never-Enough camp when it comes to pumpkin decor.



close-up view of the tops of the two mesh pumpkins with the stick tems showing with artificial leaves added by the stem

Aren’t they FUN!!!

And you won’t believe how quick & easy they are to make!  And did I mention downright cheap? Just about a buck each!!!!


Let’s Make Some Easy Pumpkins:

Supplies to make mesh tubing pumpkins are laid out on a wood table

Supplies, (some linked at end of post):

  • Wire snips (I prefer needlenose pliers)
  • Measuring stick, tape measure, or just a good eye


  • Packages of mesh tubing
  • Matching wire (mine is 26 gauge copper)
  • A pumpkin stem, a twig from your yard or one made from polymer clay like I made here.
  • Leaves off faux flowers, optional
  • piece of cardboard
Orange tube mesh shown wrapped around a cardboard jig and wired together in one spot
one bundle of the orange mesh tubing is seen off the cardboard jig and cinched with wire in a second place about an inch and a half from the first
Four bundles of orange mesh tubing are shown on a wood table with all our bundles wired in two places

Step 1) Cut the mesh tubing approximately 9 ft long. Mine came in a package of 36 ft, so I cut it into 4 sections by doubling it over twice.

Step 2) Tie a slip knot in each end

Step 3) Cut eight pieces of wire approximately 6-inches long

Step 4) Wrap a length of mesh tube around a 3-inch wide piece of cardboard. Try to have even tension as you wrap 

Step 5) Slip a wire under all the laps of tubing and gather them tightly together to make a bundle of pumpkin ribs. Twist the wire several times to hold them securely. Try to get both of the slipknot ends close to that twisted wire.

Step 6) Slide this bundle off the cardboard. Create a spine for this bundle by securely wrapping a second wire maybe 2-inches from the first wire.

Repeat Steps 4, 5 and 6 with the other 3 lengths of tubing. Compare your four bundles and try to slide the wires so the spines of all four bundles are the same length. 


Fingers holding a stick stem with one bundle of orange mesh tubing wired to the stem at two places about 2 inches apart
a hand holding a stick stem with two bundles of the golden orange mesh wired around the stem at the top and bottom of the bundles

 Step 7) Cut a length of stick to the length you want for your pumpkin stem. Try for a flat cut on the bottom. I used a hack saw to cut mine.

Step 8) Wire one of your bundles of mesh ribs around the stem. Twist those wires tightly and then coil up excess wire and tuck it inside

Repeat with all four bundles.

Step 9) Fluff and optionally add faux leaves and tendrils with hot glue or the adhesive of your choice


close-up view of the tops of the two mesh pumpkins with the stick tems showing with artificial leaves added by the stem

And for a Larger, Squattier Pumpkin:

a hand holding a pice of cardboard with the bronze mesh wrapped around it 17 times.
Four bundles of bronze mesh are shown on a table top around a stick
Four bundles of bronze mesh are shown wired around the stick pumpkin stem ready for the final bundle

just a few modifications:

  • I used a 4-inch cardboard jig
  • I cut the mesh in 12-ft lengths. 
  • I used 5 bundles, so this took 1 and 2/3 package of Dollar Tree mesh tubing
  • I only wired the bundles once 

closer view of the five finished metal mini pumpkins arranged on a stack of black wood risers on a wood table with a washed linen table runner and scattered Fall leaves

Where Did My Inspiration Come From?

On a recent visit to my local Dollar Tree, I spied this tubing in that wonderful bronze color and it made me think of a pumpkin craft one of my blogger friends had just shared.

Wendy, who owns WM Design House has a weekly IG live called “Meet Me in the She-Shed”. I had stumbled into one of these where she was showing this same concept but with twine. Here’s her blog post. 

I LOVE those twine pumpkins. They had stuck in my head. So of course, when I saw the bronze tubing, I thought it might make a fun twist on her jute pumpkins.

Sources For Making Your Mesh Tube Pumpkins:


I bought my mesh tube at my local Dollar Tree, 36 ft per pkg. When I went back for more, they were sold out. If your Dollar Tree is also out, here are several options for you from Amazon. There are lots of options there, but check the pricing. Quite a variety. I linked the two best deals pricewise that I could find below.

Pin with the image of two mesh tube pumpkins on a washed linen table runner with a Title above "Mesh Tube Pumpkins" and below "Easy DIY"

I hope you are enjoying a glorious Fall filled with color, cooler temps, crisp mornings, chilly evenings and plenty of pumpkin spice — and pumpkin decor!

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane

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    These are adorable Diane! Pinned!



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