Stacks of small, terracotta pots are in a hutch


What I Can’t Let Go Of:


Why, oh why, do smoke alarms let you know of a dying battery

ONLY between 1:00 am and 3:00am?

Right? Or is it just in our homes?

I’ve heard from some long time HouseMates, that they miss the weekly Tech Tip I used to include in my Weekender House Party.

So I’m adding it back in. Although it may not always be a Tech related.

SHD’s Mission is to make our lives more joy-filled by solving life’s pain points, big and small.

That’s what a great tip will do.

PLEASE let me know if you like this approach or if you have a better idea!

So this first week, I ask:

How often do you close a window or tab before you mean to?

Then what do you do? Look up the url again, retype it, hit return, and wait for the reload?

Today’s tip eliminates all that.

Check your email for the tip. If you’re not a subscriber, join now.

Stacks of large terra cotta pots are on a wood floor

On the Blog This Week

Part of a mood board featuring wood accent trim below a floral wallpaper behind a sink, mirror and lights

The Kickoff of the 2024 One Room Challenge!

Yes it’s the first week of the Spring edition of the One Room Challenge — where designers and DIY bloggers make over a room in 8 weeks!

Well, this is my smallest room makeover, but it comes with challenges, including ONE week to get it all done.

See the Befores and our plans.

Our garden may not be ready for planting yet, but our outdoor spaces are ready for ambiance.

It’s surprisingly easy (and budget-friendly) to turn your outdoor space into an oasis.

Click for all the details.

A sheer curtain hanging outdoors in front of a brick screen withha Boston fern hanging beside

Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, is all about the why’s behind specific design choices.

If you struggle with this, be sure to keep an eye out.

PLUS the Handcrafted Society convenes our April meetup on Tuesday.

an assortment of yarn, crewel thread, baker's twine and embroidery floss are on a marble table top with the Handcrafted Society logo above

Guess what our medium is this month?

Autographed polaroid head shots of five friends under the title "Shopping With Friends -- So Much Better Than Alone"

It’s the first Saturday of the month, so that means “The Girls” have gathered together to share their favorite finds with you.

close-up of Makita brand router

I have a really cool idea for unique shelves for the One Room Challenge. But I need a router. This router is at the top of my list today!

I’ve been researching, and this is by far the best entry level router that is not throwing your money away. It can be easily adapted for additional projects.

Do you remember those incredible scallop-edged clay terra cotta pots I recommended last week?

From the same amazing store, JSH Home Essentials, comes this adorable wrapping paper. I’m obsessed!

It comes in a pack of four sheets. I’m going to turn one sheet into some kind of mounted artwork.

close-up of a sheet of wrapping paper that is a watercolored scene of a field with bunny and sheep and water background

closeup of hammered glass picture with fruit slices floating in the water

Sun tea season is here — hallelujah!

And I finally found a great pitcher to replace the one that finally broke last year (after 30+ years)

Two signifiant, but simple asks:

  1. a lid to secure the tea bags (no more rubber bands and saran wrap)
  2. a wide mouth to for easy, thorough cleaning + dishwasher safe

Oh, and I want glass, a sturdy handle, and look nice.

Bonus: three styles to choose from.

These bookshelves are at the top of my list for our book-loving granddaughter due in August.

In this family, she has no choice but to be a book-lover!

These are a bit better priced than you’ll find in standard retail shops. And they are handmade with great attention to detail by a small US business on Etsy. LOVE!

And also from Etsy, this amazing set of six stacking, flexible dinosaurs! What kid wouldn’t flip over these?

three front-facing book ledges filled with children's books are on a wall
Six flexible dinosaurs are stacked on top of each other

set of outdoor furniture of 2 loveseats and 2 chairs are shown together
a pair of nesting round coffee tables, one with a glass top and one marble are shown in a living room
a wall-mounted nightstand with a black metal frame and drawer and shelf is seen next to a bed

Have you heard of Nathan James, yet?

They have a West Elm aesthetic with IKEA price tags!

Don’t hesitate. They had a great sale going on at the time I was writing this.

I wish I was in the market for outdoor furniture. I’d be all over this set.

And these coffee tables

and two of these nightstands, please!

and more

and more.

Going on Vacation

We are heading to California at the end of this month to celebrate our son’s and new daughter-in-law’s wedding. It’s going to be a fun weekend meeting our new in-laws and toasting to the new couple.

I need some new clothes that are both comfortable and casual but fun for the festivities.

  • I found two dresses that are flowy and fun and can be dressed up or down. I can also wear them through the rest of the spring/summer. You can find them HERE and HERE.
  • New shoes are also in order. I need something a little dressy and these wedges will be perfect. I also need some great walking shoes and I love Keds gym shoes.
  • Have you heard of Quince? I love this shopping spot. They have everything from clothing to vintage-inspired rugs. It’s high-quality, high-end items at affordable prices, and it’s all sustainably sourced and made. I love this leather tote that will be perfect for travel. I have a pair of lounge pants from Quince that I live in!
  • Most of my jewelry was either lost or stolen when we were traveling for Annie’s wedding so I’m treating myself to a new bracelet and earrings.

  • The birds are building their nests outside my window and I can’t get enough of decorating with them inside! Whenever I spy a decorative bird figure, it usually needs to come home with me. Whether it’s when I’m thrifting or at the target dollar spot, I mix and match different varieties together and tuck them all over the house. HERE are some of my favorites, both old and new. (And follow me while you’re there, too;)
  • I’ve got a stack of thrifted plates in colors to match our bedroom wallpaper. I’m going to hang them in a creative display around the mirror. These easy hangers will make it so much easier than using old fashioned plate hangers.
  • Vintage umbrellas are a fun find and make a statement in your decor. Especially in the rainy Spring, it’s fun to open them up and prop them in a vignette. You can find vintage umbrellas HERE.
  • Pretty, old frames are always a happy find; they can be used in so many ways in decor. I love to have several varieties of THIS handy product on hand to refresh them. It comes in several different colorways and is so helpful for quick fixes.

  • Have you heard of FiFi O’Neill? She is a talented designer and writer who just published a new book entitled The Romantic Home. This book is so inspiring.
  • Now that the weather has been slowly getting warmer, Mr. SLH and I have been walking about 3 miles in the evening almost every day. These are my favorite shoes to wear. They are comfortable, supportive and cute.
  • I saw this marble dish at Target and had to buy it! It was only $30 and is perfect for the coffee table.
  • This is my favorite sweater to wear in the spring. It’s a fine gauge knit so that it’s not too hot but keeps you warm on chilly spring days. Since it was less than $25 and comes in an array of colors, I bought two.

My mom and I were at our local Walmart recently and found the most comfy pj’s on the planet! I started wearing Joyspun jammies last year and I love this brand so much. All of the pieces I’m sharing are under $20! I’m still trying to choose which pajamas to purchase, but here are the ones currently in my cart!

I am so glad you joined us. I hope gathered many snippets of shopping inspiration and advice, and maybe even stretched your budget a bit with some good deals.

Please let me know if YOU found something special this week. Send me a link and I just might share it with everyone next week.

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  1. Lynn Vogeler

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the powder room in the ORC. I feel your pain with doing a project that is hundreds of miles from home. I know it will be fabulous. I just love that pitcher for sun tea. I need to upgrade mine and the one you shared fits the bill.

  2. Cindy Rust

    You have a busy few weeks coming with the ORC Diane! You always do an amazing job. Love those little dinosaurs and I bet my grandkids would love them too! Great shopping with you my friend 😊

  3. Lora Bloomquist

    I need to learn how to use a router! I bought one a while back, but haven’t used it yet; need to ask my son for a lesson, I think. Love that sun tea pitcher; soon I’ll be able to make it, too!


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