partial closeup view of a wide ribbon threaded through a small brass grommet in the top of a banner and then back out the other side

How To Thread a Big Fat Ribbon

Through a Small Round Hole


  OR… Unruly Twine Through a Bunch of Holes!

Great life hack to solve the nagging problem of threading fat ribbon, rope, cord, etc. through small holes. You’ll be amazed! Save time and frustration while crafting and so much more.

Necessity may be the mother of invention. But for me, creative solutions are often born from desperation.

Problem – albeit a happy one: So many chalk cloth banners to make and ship, so few hours in the day.

Banner Threading Trio
Banner Threading Trio 2

I needed a quick way to thread jute cord through the grommets of a stack of banners waiting to ship.

Think, think, think … my mother would use a little wire needle threader. What I needed was one of those on steroids! Or perhaps a giant needle with a crazy huge cyclops-ic eye. Desperation was setting in – time to flex my creative problem solving muscle.

Yep, that’s any ordinary twist tie. Fold it in half and twist the ends. Then feed the ends into the grommet or hole. Trash bag size twist ties will easily handle a whole stack of banners (in my case) or perhaps a whole stack of scrap book pages for you.

Feed a couple of inches of your twine-yarn-ribbon through the loop of your twist tie – your new indispensable mega threader.

Pull through the hole.

As you pull, the twist tie will collapse around the twine holding it tight. Then proceed to the next hole, and the next and the next.

And not just for stacks of banners waiting for jute twine. I use this same “invention” to thread crazy wide ribbon through impossibly small holes.


Here’s the Houdini Act in progress:

Red dot Ribbon Threading 4

I now use this every single day.

Who would have thought that all I needed was a twist tie from the kitchen “junk drawer” to simplify my life?

Keep this tip handy if you have some of my banners or labels. Next time you want to hang them, just head to your kitchen junk drawer for the perfect aid.

And yes, this will come in handy in so many other creative pursuits.

Or better yet, pin this to a favorite board and maybe share it with your favorite buddies too.

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It’ll help you. And pinning and sharing helps me, I truly appreciate it!!!

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I hope this little trick eliminates some frustration, making room for more joy in your life!

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane
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