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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

(just like the NPR Politics podcast on Fridays- minus the “Politics or otherwise” disclaimer.

This blog is publicly, a politics-free zone, so all musings will be “Otherwise“.)

I am taking an e-course called Unstoppable from the author of the award-winning book, The Hidden Power of Emotions.

In this book, I learned the amazing science behind our emotions. This is not fru-fru mumbo jumbo stuff, but the actual molecules our emotions create within us, as well as the wavelengths they operate in and emit from us. Wavelengths that attract or repel things, people and opportunities..

In the Unstoppable e-course, we’re learning how to control our emotions to power the outcomes we want; to achieve whatever it is that we desire most to lead the life we want. YES, we have that power.

However life still happens. The joy and excitement of an entire city can be stolen in a devastating instant by the power-zapping emotions of fear, anger, reactivity & worry!

The way to break the hold those power-zappers have on us, is by taking back our lives with power-boosting emotions which include optimism, gratitude, compassion and excitement.

So hold your loved ones close; not with a grip of fear, but with the gentleness of cherished moments. Let your words hold love, not unspoken worries. Forgive quickly, laugh loudly, and savor the quiet in-betweens.

Remember, the greatest treasures aren’t possessions, but the hearts that beat beside us. Hold them close, today and always while spreading your good vibes to all.

The Things That Count, Cannot Always Be Counted!

On the Blog This Week

Finished snack board filled with snacks on a kitchen counter

Old Steakhouse Chargers

I transformed a pile of terribly abused old restaurant chargers into personal sized snack boards.

With a bonus of one turned into a stylish tray (you know we can never have too many trays, right?) with gold leaf.

And if that’s not enough. I shared 9 more projects from my favorite crafting bloggers — so many amazing ideas!!!

Relaxed Roman Shade

This may look familiar to many of you.

I spent quite a bit of time working through and updating this favorite post answering questions and requests for more versions.

Yes, this relaxed roman shade, is a great project for a non- or novice sewer.

No sewing machine required!

It can be made and installed in just a few hours, all thanks to my secret ingredient component.

A double window with a white Roman shade and white linen drapery panels hanging on each side behind the corner of a desk

Shopping With Friends

Did you miss thee February Shopping With Friends?

We added a couple of friends and moved to the first Saturday of each month.

You can jump back here and catch all the great finds!!!

I now have an LTK Shop. I’m busy getting is organized and filled with all my favorites, my go-to’s and of course some great new finds.

Not familiar with LTK yet? Keep an eye out for next week’s Weekender House Party

Coming Next Week:

Spring Will Be Popping Up!!!

(can’t come too soon, right?)

Sharing From Around the Web

Best way to organize all your decorating ideas and info!

I have used a spiral I made with heavy zipper bags for years!!! But my super organized and interior decorator friend, Lynn of Living Large in a Small House has bested me with this one.

And she shares all the variety of ways she uses it. Absolute genious!

partial view of a decorating organizer open on a table with swatches and magazine clippiings inside

fresh flowers and buds are in an assortment of old bottles

Transition From Winter to Spring

Robyn, from Robyn’s French Nest shared her favorite tips for making this transition in our homes easy and budget-friendly!

What great tips!!!

Woodworking How-To

My favorite large diy-er in the blogosphere, Nicole of Simply Aligned Home shared an amazing tutorial she wrote:

Mastering Trim Work 101: A Beginner’s Ultimate Guide

This will be my new go-to guide for three build projects we have slated for this year.

Many thanks to Nicole, I’m sure these projects will go smoother and with even better results!

gorgeous slat board trim around a bay window in an entry hall

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

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