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EASY Caramelized Onions

— in Bulk!

For Easy Caramelized Onions in BULK. Frozen individual packets are ready to add delicious richness to sandwiches, dips, soups, the easy way!

Let’s talk caramelized onions, as in EASY caramelized onions!

How is it that every recipe that has you caramelize onions in the early stages, says 10 minutes! What? It’s more like 30 – 40 to get them to that beautiful golden stage of sweet. Is that just me?

However, did you know you can use your slow cooker for the easiest caramelized onions — five pounds of onions while you sleep, or while you binge an entire season of Schitt’s Creek or while you practice some self-care with yoga on the lawn followed by a home manicure, or whatever?

Crazy, I know!

But it’s true!

And soooo easy!!!! You’re welcome!

I’m so happy to share my work around. with you.

With this easy caramelized onions method, we’ll have 7 large onions done all together. So that 30-minutes X 7 of caramelizing onions — done!

You have a jumpstart on seven meals! Woo Hoo!!!

That’s a big win in my kitchen!

Let’s Get Started Caramelizing Onions – The Easy Way:

7 large onions on cutting board with chefs knife

Start with onions, of course. Loads of them. These seven onions weighed just under 5 pounds to start.

I like to cut off the ends. Then cut in half lengthwise. This makes it easier to remove the outer skin. Also you now have a flat surface to cut your slices.

Cut through the outer rings of your slices to make your onions all of a more common size

Holding your onion with the flat cut side down, slice.

Then I like to cut the outer rings that are quite a bit larger in half. This keeps the onions at a more similar size and you won’t end up with long onion strings in your soups.

The onions rings are now about the same size

For easier tossing, I transfer half the onions to the large crock of my slow cooker and half to another bowl.

Toss the onions to separate the rings.

With clean hands of course, I toss each bowl of sliced onions to make sure the rings are separated for the most part.

Add about 1 tablespoon of olive oil in each bowl.

Next I add about 1 tablespoon of olive oil to each half. Since these are Easy Caramelized Onions, I just eyeball the oil.

again, toss with clean hands to evenly  distribute the olive oil.

Then I toss again to distribute the oil throughout.

combine the bowl of onions in with the crock full of onions.

Now add the bowl of onions into the slow cooker crock of onions.

The crock of the slow cooker should be about 3/4 full.

And now your slow cooker should be between 1/2 and 3/4 full.

Crockpot on the patio set on low.

This is important!!!

Plug your slow cooker in OUTSIDE! On a balcony, screened porch, patio, etc. Otherwise your house will smell of onions for days. I promise you! Pay attention to me on this one!

All cookers are a bit different, and with the various outside air temperature, there is no absolute on the length of time. But as a guide, figure 8 -12 hours at low.

Now For Slow Cooker Magic!

(And For You to Enjoy the Next 8 – 12 Hours)

Onions after 6 hours on low in slow cooker.

This is how they looked after six hours on low.

Til.t the lid the last to let some of the juice escape

Optionally, you can tilt the lid the last 2 – 3 hours to let some of the excess moisture escape.


Onions in the Crock Pot after 12 hours on low

This beautiful batch was outside for abut 12 hours on low.

Gorgeous batch of easy caramelized onions -- all done!

Now that’s easy caramelized onions!

Look at how golden they are. And soooo sweet and delicious. They will add so much depth to many dishes to come.

Caramelized onions on the scale -- weighing 2 pounds.

After I drained a bit more juice off, the total weight came in at 2 lbs. So each large onion cooked down to about 4.5 oz.

Individual plastic wrap packages of easy caramelized onions -- each weighing about 4.5 oz, or one large onion.

Using my food scale and plastic wrap, I divvied that batch into 7 packets. Each representing a large onion.

Individual packets of easy caramelized onions ready in one freezer bag.

All those packets slip into one freezer bag and now I have delicious caramelized onions ready to drop in soups, or layer on sandwiches, add to breakfast hash…. Sooo many tasty options.

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Ad while your crock pot is working away, maybe you’d like to make a tabletop “concrete” birdbath centerpiece or maybe make a new lampshade.


  1. Sherwood Botsford

    Why only 1/2 to 3/4 full?

    • Diane

      Per all slow cooker manuals, it’s best to always fill a slow cooker between 1/2 and 3/4 full, regardless of the ingredients. This allows for expansion and steam as they cook.

  2. Cindy

    That’s a great idea, Diane! I love caramelized onions too but never thought of making them in bulk! Thanks!

    • Diane

      Oh they are the best!



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