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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

Have you had one of those weeks where you’re lost in a deep vortex of ugly tech issues?

(and Thursday’s phone glitch from AT&T was a very minor hiccup)

Welcome to my week!

But I prefer to counter ugly frustration with humor. So:

“Technology: Making life easier since 1999, when we all thought dial-up was the pinnacle of human achievement.” – Me (with a touch of nostalgia)

“My computer’s idea of ‘fixing itself’ is usually just restarting everything and hoping I forget what I was doing.” – Unknown

“Trying to troubleshoot a tech issue is like trying to herd cats blindfolded with chopsticks.” – Unknown

“Debugging: The art of removing your mistakes one by one until you’re left with someone else’s mistakes.” – Unknown

“The best part about open-source software like WordPress? Free updates! The worst part? Free updates… that sometimes break everything.” – Unknown

“WordPress: So easy to use, even your grandma could set it up… if she had an internet connection, a computer, and wasn’t terrified of plugins.” – Unknown

“If technology makes life easier, why do I still feel so stressed?” – Me (probably)

Stressed? Not anymore!

How about you? If you had a tech-trying week too, I hope a bit of humor helped with the stress and frustration.

On the Blog This Week

Aged Terracotta bunny planter filled with Ranunculus flowers is sitting on a kitchen shelf

Dated Bunny Makeover

Give your home a whimsical Spring touch!

I shared how to create a stunning faux terra cotta bunny planter with our easy DIY guide.

Get hopping & unleash your creativity!

Pantry Makeover

See how we maximized the storage in our kitchen pantry.

But more than that, we maximized the ease of access and everyone now knows where to find things and put them away!

And all very budget friendly!!!

Saves, stress, saves time, and even saves money! Win! Win! Win!

The before, overflowing walk in pantry that you can't actually walk in. Areas of the worst problems are outlined

Shopping With Friends

As you may have noticed, I’ve been trying to add in some shopping for you.

I started with once a month with some of my blogger friends.

The response and the requests from you have convinced me you want more.

So as time permits, I’m trying to share some of my favorites finds.

This is the last Saturday of the month, so let’s see what were your favorites this month:

Obviously, you are into comfort fashion, too!

woman wearing a pair of black boot cut yoga dress pants

Yoga comfort, office look!

Real pockets & 5 Lengths!!!!

light grey joggers on a woman

Updated athletic casual — great fabric, 6 colors, zippered pockets, 4 lengths!

pink waffle knit "Henley" with v-neck and XL buttons

Lightweight (but not see through) updated Henley. So cute and comfy, great for layering now, but also solo for A/C weather ahead.

18 colors!

I now have an LTK Shop. I’m busy getting is organized and filled with all my favorites, my go-to’s and of course some great new finds.

Not familiar with LTK yet? Keep an eye out for next week’s Weekender House Party

Coming Next Week:

Spring Will Be Popping Up!!!

(can’t come too soon, right?)

Sharing From Around the Web

WOW! This Chair Makeover!

Cindy at Reinvented Delaware, has put together a detailed guide (step-by-step) of how to reupholster a chair, using this one through the process.

Take a peek and marvel at her work and then Pin her guide for when a worn out beauty is calling your name.

side view of a beautiful antique chair recently reupholstered

placesetting for a Chinese dinner party with a name coming out of a fortune cookie with chopsticksss and a napkin with a chinese symbol stamped on it.

Most Gorgeous (deceptively simple to do) Chinese Dinner Tablescape

Immensely creative MIchele of Vintage Home Designs shared her Chinese Dinner themed tables cape.

So many clever touches — from the place cards, tot the napkins, to the flower containers — and then the centerpiece and candles!!!

Strawberry Scones, Anyone?

Ann, of On Sutton Place, shared the most delicious looking (and sounding) strawberry scone recipe.

Now this is Spring for sure!

This recipe is written with Ann’s trademark straight-forward directions and her amazing tips.

You’ll feel like a pastry pro after making these with Ann.

strawberry scones are on a cooling rack with fresh strawberries and glaze poured over them

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!! Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

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