Wide title image of a concrete rabbit statue. surrounded with green vines and a few eggs

Quick & Easy Way To Make a

Concrete Rabbit Statue From a Thrifted “Treasure”

Love the charm of vintage concrete garden statues? Make a concrete rabbit statue -or any other statue- with this quick & easy paint treatment.

Vintage concrete garden goodies have always tugged at my heartstrings! They just make me smile!!! And give a home that curated over time look.

It doesn’t take much! Just a piece or two.

Sweet "concrete" bunny is sleeping on a bed of moss in a large basket with vines growing up the handle and three soft-colored eggs around

I’ve always decorated my outdoor spaces with the lights, rugs, artwork just like our indoor rooms. And because I’m an equal opportunity decorator, I love to bring outdoor elements in, blurring the definition on interior and exterior.

True vintage garden statuary is hard to find and expensive when you do! Plus, I’m rather fickle!

So it’s wiser for me to dupe the expensive hard to find pieces with a thrift store find.

Don’t you think your Spring Decor Board needs this?

Or maybe your Easter Decorating Board.

Yes, maybe to your Paint Treatments Board,

or to Thrifted Makeovers.

Just be sure to save it a place or two, so you can definitely find it again.

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Make a Concrete Rabbit Statue — Or Any Vintage Garden Statuary

Closeup of bunny statue before her makeover -- complete with bright painted flower necklace and scary painted eyes

Look for a shape and size you like! That’s it. No need to worry about colors or a bunny’s “scary eyes”.

My Easy Concrete Effect Paint Method-

Step 1) Base Paint Coat-

image of the original bunny statue with the bright colored flower necklace and scary painted eyes, and bottle of rust-oleum brand chalk spray paint and a respirator in front of a large plastic drop clothh

This is the easiest! Don’t overthink it!!!

I used chalk paint, because Rust-oleum recently released a spray version and I wanted to give it a try before I use it on a large, elaborate bird cage that I’ll be sharing later this week.

PSA: If you are spraying, be sure to wear a respirator — lung health is so important!!!

I usually use a brush-on chalk paint, mineral paint, or even craft paint that I have left over from any other project.

You can use just about any color. I prefer my “concrete” to be of a warmer tone, so I typically use a cream or beige color for my base vs. white or soft grey.


For spray paint, my secret weapon is using a lazy susan.

Gif of rabbit on paper towel covered lazy susan revolving with paint spraying on it.

Be sure to cover your lazy susan to protect the ball bearings in the spinning mechanism! I just used two paper towels here. It’s what I had handy!

Step 2) Antique it-

Closeup of Bunny Statue in the process of being madeover to a concrete rabbit statue

This is such a fun and forgiving process! Watch the short 3-minute video and you’ll believe!

Any black or grey craft paint, thinned with water is a great antiquing glaze for this project.

Use a craft paint brush, not a nice artist’s brush! And be sure to wear gloves!

You’ll also need some soft, dust-free rags.

Honestly, this requires minimal supplies and even less artistic talent!

super closeup of the detailing of the black craft paint wash settling in the grooves of the statue giving it the vintage concrete look

Again, don’t overthink it! Don’t try to make every groove the same. Concrete statuary does not age evenly in nature. So yours shouldn’t either.

Work in small-ish sections and start light until you get the hang of it. You can keep adding and adding to get a deeper color if you wish.

This fella took me just under 20 minutes for this step.

A Tabletop "concrete" birdbath with fresh flowers and greens arranged in the basin as a centerpiece

I used this same water down black craft paint glazing technique, with a lighter touch, on these adorable tabletop birdbaths. Jump over here to see them. You don’t want to miss these!

Step 3) There Isn’t One! That’s How Easy This “Concrete” Method Is

If you’re using this indoors, you don’t even need any sealer!

Closeup of bunny's face with three softtt-colored easter eggs close by , all nestled on a bed of dried moss overflowing a large basket

Isn’t she just the sweetest! Remember those scary eyes? Not anymore! Now my concrete rabbit statue is a sweet slumbering bunny.

How Do I Use My Faux Garden Statuary Inside?

My favorite way is as part of a seasonal display or vignette?

This bunny is now the star of this large Easter basket on our stair landing. I’m working on a video of putting the whole look together.

Watch for it on IG or FB, whichever you prefer. Be sure you’re following along on FB and/or following along on IG.

Do you have a garden event coming up?

Save these to your centerpiece board

Or to your decor board

Are you addicted to thrifting?

Save this to your Thrifted Makeovers Board

Or how about your Spring Decor board?

Your Easter Board?

How about a Vignette Board?

Shoot, save it to 2 or 3 Boards!

Pin with a closeup of the finished bunny in a large basket with a title of: How To Make Aged Garden Statuary

I hope you are enjoying a lovely change in weather and all the promise it holds for the new seasons ahead.

As always, don’t hesitate with questions, feedback and certainly pics to share.

Here's to Joy-Filled Living, Diane


  1. Donna Allen

    Oh my goodness, Diane, that bunny is so precious! I can’t believe the thought never crossed my mind to use a lazy Susan to spray paint! I will definitely try that tip! Happy day, Donna

  2. Joanne

    What a fabulous makeover and your bunny is just adorable.

    • Diane

      Thanks Joanne! He did turn out rather snuggly, didn’t he? Honestly, I wasn’t sure how the eyes would be, but they just look like he’s sleeping — win!

  3. Cindy

    This turned out great. I use a lazy susan when painting flower pots.


  4. Decor Craft Design

    Beautiful transformation! I love the new rustic look. Thanks for sharing it! #HomeMattersParty
    Home matters Party
    Happiness Is Homemade
    You’re The Star Blog Hop

  5. Pam

    Wow, that turned out great! I’ll be a lot more open minded when thrifting, now! Thanks for sharing it with us at Thursday Favorite Things.

  6. Pam

    P.S. I’ve featured it today at the Thursday Favorite Things link party. 🙂

    • Diane

      Oh, thanks so very much Pam!!! I’m thrilled.

  7. Cindy@CountyRoad407

    Thank you so much for sharing this on Farmhouse Friday LP. It’s adorable and you make it looks so easy. Featuring it tomorrow and I hope you link up again soon. Pinned

  8. Cindy

    This is the sweetest little bunny, Diane! I enjoyed this post so much and I wanted you to know that this post will be featured on Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week! Pinned to our Tuesday Turn About Pinterest board.😊 Thanks for sharing your makeover and I hope to see you at the party this week! 😊



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