wide close-up of patriotic folded fans hanging above and around an oval distressed mirror on a covered patio

Easy Breezy Porch Styling For

4th of July

Hey there! It’s that time of year again – time to fire up the grill, dust off the lawn chairs, and celebrate America’s birthday!

What better way to kick off the festivities than with a festive porch that sets the scene for all the fun?

graphic of the Pinterest Challenge logo

Today is my monthly Pinterest Challenge day! and this month is a Whopper!

There are 14 bloggers all sharing our 4th or July decorations. We’re sharing our own unique patriotic decor ideas spurred on by this month’s inspiration photo from Suzy at Worthing Court.

Did Wendy send you over from WM Design House? Aren’t her Red, White & Blue touches incredible!!!! And the best part, she is every bit as fun and charming as her designs!

So In this post, I’ll walk you through some easy breezy ways to decorate your porch for the 4th of July using a combination of vintage and modern elements. We’ll incorporate everything from paper fans and candles to fresh boxwood and, of course,  flags for a look that’s both stylish and patriotic.

 So grab a sweet tea, put on your favorite playlist, and let’s get decorating!

The Inspiration

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Set the Foundation

Backdrops are fundamental to staging!

Suzy set her stage with the louvered doors and her cute cabinet with flanking whicker chairs on her screened porch.

full length view of cabinet with accent striping, sheer curtains hanging on brick screen wall with an oval mirror above the cabinet and a large palm with a new light fixture

I’m using one covered end of our patio with the 60’s brick screen for structure with a mirror and outdoor sheers behind it to soften all the hard lines.

This workhorse of a cabinet sits there year round holding all the essentials of outdoor lake living — sunscreen, bug juice, inflatables, waterproof cell phone bags, etc., etc.

I also pulled in a comfy vintage whicker chair and two vintage stools to invite some lingering.

finished patriotic porch styled for 4th of July with folded fans, flags and more

Add Some Seasonal Touches

Color With Textiles-

Red, white and blue is probably the only requirement of our patriotic holidays. Well, along with some stars and stripes that is!

I love Suzy’s sweet blue cabinet. It actually has me thinking about making over my cabinet again to brighten it a bit.

vintage whicker chair is seen with a blue cushion and a red and white pillow with a blue stripe throw thrown of the chair back and arm

But for now, some stripe tea towels in the red, white and blue colors I wanted, help to brighten and freshen it.

I also pulled a royal blue and white accent rug into action.

And of course a red and white pillow for the chair.

The final textiles are some blue and white stripe throws — actually Turkish towels that I love!

PRO TIP: Red and white accents are great for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but add them to some blue and white and they bring it for our patriotic holidays too.

New red and white home decor accent pieces can serve three holidays, so they are easier for me to justify both in terms of money and storage space.

Add Greenery-

I knew I wanted to add some flags and fans around the mirror. I often clip fresh boxwood from our yard to be the supporting cast for the stars of the show. In this case I made a swag over the mirror.

Here’s where I need to stop you from making my mistake!

a spool of chicken wire ribbon is unfurled on a wood surface
closeup of chicken wire ribbon formed into an arched tube to hold an arrangement above an oval mirror

closeup of wire tubing attached above mirror frame
closeup of a sprig of fresh boxwood stick in a chicken wire tube on top of a framed mirror

PRO TIP: Do NOT try to use chicken wire ribbon in place of traditional chicken wire for hanging floral foundations!

I had found this spool of chicken wire ribbon at Hobby Lobby. I was thrilled to think that I could use it in place of large pieces of stiff chicken wire, like those I had used for this amazing Fall Foraged arrangement!!!

And there lies the rub. Yes, it’s much softer and easier to shape than traditional chicken wire!!! Consequently, it is not stiff enough to hold my boxwood swag in place.

I have plenty of other ways I’ll be using this really cool ribbon, sho stay tuned. This purchase did not go to waste!!!

Of course, since we’re talking outdoors, pots with greenery were added on the cabinet and one of the stools.

4th of July Decor Accents

Up the Wall-

I wanted big impact with low investment — in both money and time!!!

Suzy achieved this by adding a large farmhouse flag hanging on her doors and a couple of flags peeking out of a hanging basket on each side

patriotic folded fans in red, white and blue are above a distressed mirror that is topped with a boxwood swag and flag

I came across some wonderful paper napkins I loved. They are the red and blue I wanted, but otherwise not patriotic as such. But I imagined them used in a way to pay homage to our official stars and stripes. Last week, I shared how I made my own flags using these napkins.

My wall started by adding one of these flags to the center of my boxwood swag.

closeup of side of mirror with paper folded fans hanging beside

Then for more red, white and blue decorations, I hung a bunch of inexpensive folding fans of multiple sizes in an asymmetrical design all around the mirror. That’s a lot of impact for less than $10!

NOTE: If you have trouble with your folding fans’ glue failing, and it wants to fall apart, don’t worry, I’ve got ya!

Yes, two packages of mine started falling apart while I was styling and shooting my photographs.

I can’t say whether it was because they were really cheap (which they were), or because some might have been older (which they were), or maybe because it was extremely hot (which it was and still is).

Anyway, I put on my Creative Problem Solving Hat and came up with a simple solution that works!!! Yippee! Hallelujah!

I’ll be sharing it in Saturday’s email as exclusive content — one of the ways I say thank you to my followers. So be on the lookout for it. If not for the 4th, you may need it for a birthday, anniversary, shower or any other party you might be hosting down the road.

If you are not a subscriber, we can change that right now. Sign up here:

Thanks bunches! See you on Saturday. Now back to the patriotic patio:

On the Cabinet-

Suzy used two more farmhouse patriotic decorations on her cabinet.

two paper fans are partially open on a stripe tab lecloth with small wooden patriotic buoys

We live on a lake. So my lakehouse version includes these charming mini wooden buoys I made last year and two more folded fans to extend the texture from the wall on to the cabinet.

two unique flags are sticking out of a stone jug holding greenery

And I added more flags to the pot of greenery.

I could have duplicated Suzy’s lantern, but I felt the black was too stark in my case.

closeup of white pillar candles lit and in modern patriotic cups on vintage transfereware saucers and surrounded by tall glass hurricanes

So instead, I placed pillar candles in modern cups I bought a couple of years ago and these rest on vintage transfer ware saucers with glass hurricanes to keep the flame lit. I’m really smitten with the modern and vintage together.


full-length pic of a cover patio decorated for the 4th of July

I’m thrilled with how this little area where our guests tend to congregate turned out. Many thinks to Cindy for organizing this Pinterest Challenge and to Suzy for the inspiration photo.

Now it’s time for me to send you on to Michelle at Thistle Key Lane and her amazing patio table. Wouldn’t you love to be invited over to Michelle’s? Give her my best while you’re there.

And all the other 4 of July inspiration posts are right below:

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I’m so glad you spent time with me today! Thanks bunches and hope you are back real soon!

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July holiday!!!

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  1. Christy Little | Our Southern Home

    This is so creative! It looks like a magazine photo for Country Living magazine. Now to figure out where I can copy this look!

    • Diane

      Thanks Christy! I’m sure you’ve got a space!!!

  2. Cindy@CountyRoad407

    How fun to have a 60’s brick screen on your patio! Love the added curtains and the mirror with the added boxwood. They look fantastic! I’m going to have to keep a look out for the chicken wire ribbon. Like you said… sooo much easier to use! Thank you for joining us. pinned

    • Diane

      Thanks Cindy. I found the chicken wire ribbon at Hobby Lobby in their floral ribbons, kind of by the wedding stuff.

  3. Rachel Harper

    So many cute ideas for a patriotic porch.

    • Diane

      You’re right! This was a great hop — brimming with the best ideas!

  4. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Diane I love your porch! The decorations are so clever and cute!

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Laura! This is the best group of creatives!

  5. Cindy

    Your creativity is inspiring Diane, I love this area on your porch and all your patriotic touches. The sheers and mirror make it look so inviting, and that pinwheel swag adds all the festive July 4 colors!!

  6. Marty

    Oh how fun and creative. I love all of your amazing fans, they are fabulous. What a great setting. This gives me tons of ideas to use next year.

    • Diane

      Oh good! It’s the best reward for this work, to seed and feed others’ ideas. And this hop is one of the best for exactly that — seeding and feeding each other.

  7. Barbara Chapman

    Diane, love love love how you’ve hung soft curtains with the louvered shutters and hung the mottled mirror! It all looks so pretty and has lots of texture and color!!! All of the patriotic pinwheel circles really add so much! I do love vintage mixed with modern decor ~ the best of both worlds. 🙂

    Happy 4th to you and your family,
    Barb 🙂

    • Diane

      That’s so sweet of you Barb! I truly appreciate it and so enjoy hopping with you and these other talented ladies!

  8. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

    Oh my goodness Diane, you hit this one out of the park! I love this whole patriotic setting and the chest is such a fun piece to work with. Pinning!

    • Diane

      I do love that workhorse of a chest. But now I’m thinking its might need two go a bit bolder for next Summer. We’ll see.

  9. Amber Ferguson

    Oh I love your take on this challenge! The mirror and curtains backdrop is beautiful! The folding fans are so cute and the little flag napkins are adorable. Looks like you are all ready to enjoy the holiday!

    • Diane

      You’re right Amber! I am soooo ready for the holiday — the kids all come home for an extended stay and we just hang out and enjoy all the lake festivities. (5 days of Americana celebrations, from pet parades to decorated pontoon parades, watermelon races, bingo night, margarita madness, North shore vs. South shore softball and kickball and more and more — not to mention the fireworks from the dam.

  10. Kim Waldorf

    Diane, your porch looks so good. The layered look of the curtains and shutters are fabulous! Those little wooden buoys add the perfect touch. Happy 4th!

    • Diane

      Thanks so much Kim! Have a great 4th my friend!

  11. Carol@Blueskyathome

    Diane, I love your patio/porch design for 4th of July. What a nice setting for enjoying the holiday. Love the gauzy curtains and the shutters. Your chest is a great piece as a focal point.

  12. Lora Bloomquist

    What a festive scene you created! I do love the vintage and new mixed together. That old mirror is awesome and a great backdrop. Great ideas, and so cute:)


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