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What I Can’t Let Go Of:

(just like the NPR Politics podcast on Fridays- minus the “Politics or otherwise” disclaimer.

This blog is publicly, a politics-free zone, so all musings will be “Otherwise“.)

How fluid and pivot-ready we are — or are required to be!

I know! You scratching your head here, aren’t you. Huhhhh?

The Hubs, a college football fanatic (that might be a bit strong –more devotee) has been consumed with all the various championship games. And then there’s the recently announced additional conference restructuring. Long held traditions being tossed to the side.

And for a smooth transition, college basketball is full speed ahead.

Football is closing down while basketball is ascending towards March Madness.

Somehow we pivot smoothly. We’ve learned to be fluid.

Just like we do between Halloween blending into Thanksgiving, blending into Christmas.

Christmas tree decorated with natural elements like the wall arrangement behind it

Like this tree I’ve started decorating to blend with the Thanksgiving “centerpiece” wall hung arrangement The Hubs wants me to leave up for Christmas.

So far I added the most amazing copper wire fairy lights to the wall arrangement. (I spent hours searching out the best price and quality copper wired lights — I’m thrilled with them! Highly, highly recommend these specific lights)

Now I need to pivot out the gourds into something a bit more Christmas-y!

I’d love to hear what you can’t let go of!

On the Blog This Week

Today I’m doing something a bit different!

If this is your weekend to set up your tree and hang your stockings — PERFECT!

(If yours is already done, pin the tip you want to try next year so you’ll have it for reference.)

I’m sharing my favorite FOUR ways to hang Christmas stockings!

These have been blowing up on IG and FB. In case you haven’t seen them:

Starting With Tree Setup-

5 Game-Changing Things to Do BEFORE Tree Set up!

Do at least one of these and you’ll see (and feel) the difference.

Click here for the blog post.

Click here for a 50 sec video.

closeup of tree skirt pulled back revealing wadded up plastic bags stuffed between the tree stand legs
womans and hanging a Christmas stocking with a ribbon and a corner or angle bracket

1) Angle or Corner Brackets

A GREAT solution when you have a tiny sliver of space between the mantel and wall.

Click here for all the angle brackets details.

Click here for an 11 sec. video.

2) Stocking Rods

I recently expanded this blog post on using Stocking Rods with three versions.

Click here for all the Stocking Rod Info

Click here for an 18 sec. video.

closeup of stocking holder with a curtain rod through the loop
image of a rod along the front of a mantel above an image of the finished mantel with stockings hanging on the rod

3) False Mantel Top or Shelf

Easy way to hang your stockings, protect your mantel and so much more!

Click here for all the Mantel Shelf details.

Click here for a 21 sec video.

4) Mantel Slip Cover

The ultimate in functionality.

Takes a bit more effort up front, but with great payback

Click here for all the Mantel Slipcover details.

Click here for a 25 sec. video.

woman's hand hold an extension cord that's being held in place by a mantel cover

BONUS: Birch Branch “Rod”

Here I share how to use a birch branch for a stocking rod, but you can substitute:

  • an oar
  • a baseball bat
  • bamboo
  • Vintage spindles
  • Vintage ski
  • anything long and narrow

Click here for the Birch Branch details.

Coming Next Week:

A truly stunning ornament to make!

Plus an Ornament Crafting Round up!

(and lots of stockings being shipped out)

Sharing From Around the Web

Are you on Instagram?

Have you seen all the cookie decorating videos.

Holy cow! There are so many absolute frosting geniuses out there!

Check out some of these reels, just for starters:

As you probably know by now, I use some affiliate links in my newsletters and on the website. An affiliate link means that if you click on my link and purchase something, I may receive a small commission but you pay nothing extra.

I truly appreciate you using my links whenever possible!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend and this beautiful holiday season!!!

Thanks for hanging out with me a bit,

As I said before, I would greatly appreciate your feedback, any special requests, or questions you have.

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